Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Kelly Ann Booth announces that she will be a candidate for the Utah House of Representatives, in House District 28, for the Democratic party.

Ms. Booth is endorsed by a who’s who of county officials including Sheriff Jim Winder, Council Members Jim Bradley, Joe Hatch, Randy Horiuchi, Jenny Wilson, and County Auditor Jeff Hatch.

State Representatives Jackie Biskupski, Christine Johnson, David Litvak (Minority Whip), Phil Riesen, Carol Spackman Moss (Assistant Minority Whip), as well as State Senators Pat Jones (Assistant Minority Whip), Karen Mayne, Scott McCoy, Ross Romero, and former State Senator Paula Julander have also endorsed Booth.

Former Utah State Senator and longtime district resident Karen Hale says “I’ve known Kelly Ann for nearly ten years and I can tell you she is a proven and formidable candidate. She’ll be good for our community and for our state. I’m proud to endorse her.”

Booth is optimistic and said “Representative (Roz) McGee has served this district well and I hope to be able to live up to the high standard she has set. I’m looking forward to meeting with people and discussing how government can be a positive force in the community.”

Ms. Booth has been involved with community organizations such as the Catalyst Humanitarian International, is on the Rape Recovery Center Hospital Response Team, and sits on the Board of Directors of Inclusion Center for Community and Justice.

Kelly Ann Booth is an attorney and works for the Salt Lake County Auditor.

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