Sunday, February 03, 2008

BREAKING: Actor Lou Diamond Phillips just cold-cocked Rep. Phil Riesen!

So there I am channel surfing when I see Rep. Phil Riesen in a heated argument with La Bamba actor Lou Diamond Phillips. The two are going at it verbally, and both Riesen and Phillips are getting pretty hot when out of the blue Phillips loses all control and cold-cocks our House Minority Caucus Manager right in the jaw. It was truly a cheap shot that left Phil seeing stars, no pun intended.

As I see it Phillips was way out of line on this one, and it is my official opinion that everyone in Utah should protest this cowardly act by refusing to watch any film made by Phillips after 1988, that is of course until Rep. Riesen receives a full apology and a new set of glasses.

BTW, this event actually occurred on August 13, 2005 during the Sci-Fi Channel's original movie, Alien Express, which for some unknown reason (didn't anyone notice that it sucked the first time?) was resurrected tonight.

BTW II, with the exception of Phil Riesen's masterful performance as Captain King, this Sci-Fi original was anything but original, but no worries Phil, you were the shining star in this dud, and might I add that you looked pretty cool in your Stetson.


Voice of Utah said...

Now I'll have to watch it, just to see Riesen in action.

Homer said...

Sounds like a few of us need to get a life. Between reading UtahAmicus and channel surfing the dish, it's a wonder any of us accomplish anything with our lives.

I was watching the same thing last night when Riesen appeared out of the truck. No offense, but I think Phil made the right career move when he ran for the legislature.

Nikki said...

Thanks for the trivia! I had no idea Lou Diamond Phillips clocked such an esteemed Utah politician.

Anonymous said...

Damnit Miller, I was all excited!!!