Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mayor Ralph Becker Appoints New Education Partnership Coordinator

Former City Council Member and State Legislator Tapped for Education Spot

SALT LAKE CITY – Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker announced today that Joanne Milner has been selected to serve in the newly created position of Education Partnership Coordinator for the Mayor’s Office.

Milner will work on behalf of Mayor Becker to forge partnerships with the Salt Lake City School District, neighborhood schools, to help determine and coordinate Salt Lake City governmental policies and action for schools.

Becker created the position as part of a campaign promise to support education in Salt Lake City by working with the business community, state government, and higher education entities to match community resources with school needs. Milner was appointed by a selection committee comprised of Salt Lake City area educators, administrators, parents and teachers.

Milner is a former member of the Salt Lake City Council who served from 1996-2000. She was also a member of the Utah House of Representatives from 1986-1992. For the past 13 years, Milner served as the Community Relations Program Facilities Manager at the Horizonte Instruction and Training Center.

McKell Withers, Superintendent of the Salt Lake City School District, remarked, “I am pleased that Mayor Becker has appointed Joanne Milner. She is an outstanding individual whose background, experience and training uniquely qualify her to assist us as we move forward in addressing the critical issues facing the District. I am looking forward to working with her to develop community-based support to meet the needs of our students and their families.”

Mayor Becker said, “Education is key to improving the lives of our children and their families, and to moving people out of the cycles of poverty and crime. Joanne has dedicated much of her life to this goal and I am pleased that she has accepted this appointment. I know with her help, we can do much to enhance the quality of education in our city.”

The appointment of Milner reflects the fulfillment of one of the key planks of Mayor Becker’s 180 Day Plan for Salt Lake City. Milner will now help Becker by executing some of the additional elements of the plan such as arranging roundtable meetings, in coordination with the school district personnel, the school board, and with school principals, to share ideas and better understand how city administration and policy can support their efforts in our schools.

Biographical Information on Joanne Milner:

Joanne R. Milner is the Community Relations Program Manager at Horizonte Instruction and Training Center, a non-traditional high school in Salt Lake City serving nearly 10,000 students a year.. She is responsible for establishing community partnerships, fundraising, coordinating and scheduling school and community use of the multi-cultural learning facility.

Milner is a former member of the Salt Lake City Council. She served a four-year term representing the culturally diverse West-side area of Salt Lake City from 1996-2000. She also served three-terms in the Utah State House of Representatives (Democrat) from 1987-1992. She is an outspoken advocate for under-represented ethnic minority populations, and initiated the first Multi-Ethnic Advisory Committee for Salt Lake City, a catalyst for promoting a city ordinance establishing a Multi-Cultural Advisory Board to ensure representation for minorities on city boards and commissions.

Milner, a descendent of Italian immigrants, is the executive producer of a soon to be released documentary production, Our Story: Italian-Americans in Utah which will air on KUED. She is a former producer and host of KSL NEWSRADIO Cultural Connections, and Perspective: The Changing Face of Utah, public affairs programs, focusing on multiculturalism and ethnic minority issues.

She is an appointed member of the Utah Advisory Committee for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, and is an advisory board member for the Inclusion Center for Community and Justice, The Utah Humanities Council, Alliance House for the Mentally Ill, the Junior League Community Advisory Board, and is a former board member for the Center for Documentary Arts.

Milner received the 2005 Rosa Parks Award, presented by the Salt Lake Chapter of the NAACP, and was appointed by the Governor to serve on the first Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Commission for the State of Utah.

Her leadership and community service has been extended to numerous boards and committees including; Multi-Ethnic Housing Development, Salt Lake City Public Library Board, Governor’s Commission for Women and Families, State Domestic Violence Intervention Task Force, Governor’s Commission on Child Care, Governor’s Task Force on Health Care Cost Containment, Traveler’s Aid Task Force on Women and Poverty, Centro de la Familia, Indian Walk-In Center, Neighborhood House Child and Adult Day Care, Salt Lake County Environmental Quality Advisory Committee, Salt Lake Rape Recovery Center, and Esperanza Para Mañana.

Milner holds a Master of Public Administration degree and Bachelors in Communications/Public Relations from the University of Utah. She is co-author of the Utah State Fare Cookbook, which promotes the state’s cultural diversity through cooking and traditional family recipes.


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