Thursday, January 24, 2008

From Hillary TV: Hillary on Alternative Energy

Hillary will end our dependence on foreign oil with a plan that invests in alternative energy and takes away the tax subsidies from oil companies.


Marshall said...


Are you really supporting Hillary? Dr. Dean will be out the door at the DNC as quick as you can say Utah if Hillary is the nominee. And Utah will return to being the forgotten state because the 50 state strategy will be gone. Running a competitive party in every state was Dr. Dean's vision, he pushed it hard over the DLC and people like Terry Mcauliffe that don't think they need to run a national party. Those are the same people that are supporting Hillary and she will make sure they get rewarded.

Rob said...


Dean's 50 State Strategy has been wonderful for Utah. It gave us three staffers and some great direction. I stand behind Governor Dean and the 50 State Strategy. No matter who the nominee is I will be fighting for the 50 State Strategy as I have seen the results of this brilliant plan, firsthand. I am on Hillary's steering committee, but I have walked for John Edwards in Elko, and I do what I can for Aaron Wiley from the Obama campaign whenever I can. I guess that proves that I have multiple personalities.