Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Call to Action for all Utah Democrats

From Utah State Democratic Blog:

The field of Democratic candidates our party is offering this year makes clear, regardless of the outcome of the nomination fight, we will be the party offering Americans real needed change in 2008. But all of our candidates, from our presidential nominee on down, will need all of us to step up and take action to move our state and country in a new direction.

Through the partnership between the state and national Democratic Party, new grassroots tools will be available this spring enabling every Democrat to make a real difference in the November, 2008 election. This new effort is known as the NEIGHBORHOOD LEADER PROGRAM, and will feature a suite of online tools including targeted lists of voters and political materials activists can personalize to share with their neighbors.

We first introduced this program to Democrats attending house parties on November 3 of last year. At those events more than 100 individuals around the state signed a pledge committing themselves to use these online tools this spring to contact at least 25 of their neighbors three times prior to November's election and recruit two additional people to do the same.

Our goal in Utah is to have 800 people or more join the initial 100 people that signed up in the fall. By joining this effort, these 900 people would be committing to knock on 22,500 doors this year. For those that think such an effort can't produce the results we need here in Utah, just remember the 20 vote difference between our Democratic candidate in 2006 and the current house speaker.

To learn a little more about this important effort, or to sign up, just click here and send us an email with your name, address, and phone number. Together, we can develop a grassroots program in every county in the state that will put the Republicans to shame!

Thank you,

Wayne Holland

Chair, Utah State Democratic Party

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