Monday, November 26, 2007

Senator Ed Mayne dies at 62


Emily said...

God bless him.

Senator Mayne will be terribly missed. I have never met anyone who has touched so many lives. He touched my life in a very short period of time -- I watched him with awe in the Utah Senate as he fought for and championed the cause of Utah's families. We have lost a great public servant.

Farewell, Eddie. The Utah Senate will not be the same without you.

Curtis said...

It was an honor working for Senator Mayne as his intern during the last legislative session. I have never had so much respect for a man and he personifies all the reasons people should go into public life.

Goodbye Senator, your passing is a great loss.

J-Man said...


Much thanks for providing this portal. Senator Mayne was the people's champion.

God's speed Senator, your example will be admired and remembered.

John said...

Eddy was the best. He will be missed.

dynastdennis said...

For six years I was the Chair of the Carbon County Democrats. Eddie was one of my Keynote speakers and several times held "Labor School" in Carbon County. Ed was one of my heros and always will be. He taught me so much.

One thing he taught me is that a man of honor can succeed in this world. He taught me that having principle is not just a quaint throwback to ancient times. God, what a great man he was. I'll forget you, Eddie. Never, never, never.