Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Two Oreo Voucher Quotes

"The Oreos don't stay in the classroom; Greg Curtis eats them,"

"The Oreo doesn't stay in the classroom, they go into Greg Curtis's gas tank."


John T said...

For all of the furor surrounding Speaker Curtis he tends to say pretty reasonable things.

House Speaker Greg Curtis said, "We're asking the voters to make an informed decision. We will respect their vote, but we're saying this is one tool in the tool box. This is one solution."

Don said...

Did anyone catch the KSL "truth test" regarding voucher advertising tonight?

I can't believe they passed that off as news and called it a "truth test". What a disingenuous load of crap.

In the story on TV they slammed a big "TRUE" over the two pro-voucher ads, while slapping the word "FALSE" over the anti-voucher ads. Their analsysis of the ads was superficial, misleading and downright dishonest.

I'm very disappointed in KSL "news" tonight. They may as well have put in a disclaimer after the story saying, "The preceding story paid for and approved by Parents for Choice in Education." It was that bad . . .

Peter said...

Poor Don. Now you know how we feel about every other media outlet's reporting for the last 6 months.

What was so superficial or misleading about the report? Oh wait, someone finally had the courage to report the actual facts and not the fear, doubts and garbage spewing from the UEA.

Don said...

They were nitpicky with the anti commercials and very lenient with the pro commercials.

To call the oreo commercial "TRUE" is laughable. First, state funding is not $7000 per student. Under the Minimum School Program it is closer to $4800 for FY2008. Second, when a student leaves, the money does not stay in the school. Third, vouchers will not lower class sizes. If enough students leave a school, a teacher will be let go and class sizes could actually go up. For KSL to slap a big "TRUE" on the ad right after Mr. Eyre said class sizes would go down is just plain irresponsible. It exposes an utter lack of understanding by KSL to allow such crap to be on the air.

As for the anti commercials, KSL said the claim that vouchers will take resources away from public schools is "FALSE". Well, "technically" (the same term Piatt used to fudge Bishop's commercial into being "TRUE") that claim is true. When students leave a school, resources are lost, even with the "hold harmless" mitigation money. Public schools will be lucky if the mitigation money is enough to cover the fixed costs of operating the school when the funding from students leaving is lost. It is quite likely that the school will be harmed, especially after the mitigation money runs out in five years.

Then KSL completely misled its viewers on the anti claims of "no accreditation, no accountability for our tax dollars and no requirement teachers have a credential." The bills don't require schools to be accredited and there isn't any requirement that teachers have any "credentials" at all. KSL lied when they implied the bill requires a "college degree or professional credentials" for teachers in private schools. The phrase "professional credentials" is not used in the bill. The bill says "special skills", whatever that means. Those two claims from the anti ad are demonstrably TRUE. The third claim about "no accountability" is "technically" false, however, there is very little accountability built into the voucher program. KSL, if they were truly being impartial, should have mentioned that.

Overall, it was a terrible piece of "journalism". Richard Piatt and KSL should be ashamed of themselves. They should do another story tomorrow and do a "truth test" on their "truth test".

republican senator larry craig said...

Can I have a bite of your Oreo.

Marlin said...

"The Oreo doesn't stay in the classroom, they go into Greg Curtis's gas tank."

heh, heh, heh, that was good Rob.

I wonder if they are double stuff Oreo's?

Jason Bourne said...

A defeat of Ref 1 does nothing to improve public education. It only protects the current monopoly of education funding. So what happens when parents finally stop supporting the monopoly, place their kids in privately run, faith based schools like the Catholics do, and the public school population numbers fall with no safety net from the legislature? Watch what happens when the cities all start to break away from the large districts like Jordan and Granite and Salt Lake City. I predict in 5 years the end of public education as we currently know it. New privately subsidized schools will start being constructed, the day after a Ref 1 defeat.

Jason Bourne

pramahaphil said...

I hope they are Oreo Cakesters. MMMMM

Richard W. said...

Stop using the word "monopoly". The word monopoly does not apply to public schools. Public schools are controlled by our state government. School Boards only administer the funds that govt. provides them. Also, Vouchies need to correct their vocabulary on Choice, Unions, and Free-Market. If Vouchies explained their stand without using an old word list of worn out campaign terms, then they might be believable.
But, I hope Vouchies will keep using those words so that Ref. #1 will be defeated. But, I'm more afraid of what Vouchies might do after they lose next month.

Hiram said...

I posted an annalysis of a flyer I received in the mail today from Parents For Choice In Education on my blog.

republican said...

We need to open up the market.
There should be competition in the fire departments, and police departments,and the military.

Their monopoly’s too.

Marlin said...

republican said

Their monopoly’s too.

I think it should have been they're.

I also think the plural of Monopoly is Monopolies.

*Graduate of public schools
*Classmate to Kimille (Christensen) Cambell

That last one should get me some kudos on this blog, eh?

republican said...

Children's are learning too.

Ed Darrell said...

Class size reduction only provides benefits when classes get down to about 18 students, and significant benefits at 15 students. If class sizes are really at 30, as Eyre claims in the video, then half of Utah's students would have to leave the public schools before any benefits would be noticeable on class size reduction -- and that's assuming all teachers and funding remain at current levels.

KSL called the Oreo stuff "true?" Without even commenting on the copyright issues?

Utah television journalism has really sunk.

Anonymous said...

Here is a good response video to the oreo ad: