Monday, October 22, 2007

KSL Rejects Vouchers

From The KSL editorial board:

The KSL Editorial Board has thoughtfully considered the views presented by opponents and proponents of school vouchers, and has come to the conclusion that a broad taxpayer supported voucher system should not be implemented in Utah.

Our opposition to vouchers boils down to a fundamental question: Is Utah's public school system broken and in such disarray that doing something as radical and unproven as directing precious tax dollars toward private schools, many of them parochial, the answer?

We think not!

It is not a question of school choice since parents already have a variety of options in Utah. Any parent who so chooses can send a child to a private school, or a charter school, or a different public school! School choice is not the issue!

A vote against vouchers must not be interpreted as a vote for the status quo. Make no mistake about it, there's plenty of room for improvement. Still, contemplate what could be accomplished if the energy that has been directed at vouchers could be redirected toward implementing reasoned, effective and adequately funded reforms in the tried and tested public school system.

In KSL's view, that's where the focus of Utahns ought to be. Let's reject vouchers and work toward making changes that will benefit all Utah children for generations to come.


CR said...

When I read this post a song came into my head. I'm not making this up, I heard, "Ding-Dong the witch is dead, which old witch, the wicked witch..."

Paul Mero said...

KSL opposes vouchers? Shocker! (hahaha)

What's next? "KSL opposes mean people."

The KSL editorial board quit being a serious force the day they quit being the Church's radio station.

But, seriously, congrats to those who think this helps. :)


Anonymous said...

KSL is still the "Church's" radio station Paul. They own it, so they must support it.

Anonymous said...

Paul, are you stating that only those in LDS Church are credable?

Sounds like it to me.

I also agree with Anonymous one, the Church still owns KSL.

Richard W. said...

When is KSL going to dump Hannity?

Paul Mero said...

No, I'm saying they are liberal...and, yes, I know the Church still legally owns the station. Although I have heard it more than once from "Temple Square": I wish the Church actually owned a radio station, a television station, and a university.

And please, have fun with my was meant to be humorous.


Rob said...

Credable, or credible?

Rob said...

BTW, I always find typos in my work.

Did Paul just say that KSL is a liberal station?

Paul Mero said...

More and more everyday.

CraigJ said...

KSL is liberal? I really need to get some binoculars to spot all these new pigeonholes.

Emily said...

Holy cow... this is truly amazing.

Did someone say KSL is liberal?