Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's clear, it's obvious, and...

it's arrogant!

Two Utah lawmakers have ties to nuclear plant
But Tilton and Noel see no conflict of interest

By Joe Bauman and Bob Bernick Jr.

No conflict of interest, my ass!

Representatives: If having a monetary interest that is governed by law isn't a conflict of interest for a state legislator, what is?


JM Bell said...

Try to keep in mind that, for the Utah GOP, the phrase "conflict of interest" has no more meaning than "sdglsk lkshdfkj fslkdjfslkd.'

They just hear it as gibberish, and pretend that they understand the phrase, shaking their heads and saying, "no, no, I don't understand" like they're talking to a Japanese tourist.

It has no meaning.

Ohadi Langis said...

More details at Idaho Samizdat


bekkieann said...

I urge readers to follow the above link tothe ohadi langis blog. He has some additional information including earlier "off-the-record" remarks by Tilton. It's a very interesting read.

Oldenburg said...

In the early 1990s, Bob Steiner was a Democratic state senator. His family-owned business ALSCO (formerly know as Steiner Corp.) owns an airplane.

I went to Capitol Hill as a kid (I was like 11 or 13) There was a bill that would tax private jets before the state senate. He announced that he could not vote on the bill because of a conflict of interest. And the Republican state senators stared at him with this look of confusion and disbelief.

I will never forget the look on their faces. And these are the same clowns that get all huffy when you point out the lack of ethics laws in the legislature.

Bridge said...


Shame on them!