Saturday, September 15, 2007

Want to Know the True Motivation Behind Utah's Flawed Voucher Law?



That's Four Hundred and Seventy Two Billion Dollars

That's what the USA spent on public education in 2005

And that is the motivation driving vouchers in 2007

It isn't about helping kids

It's about Private Corporations tapping into our public tax dollars

Stop and Say "NO" to Vouchers


Mark said...

Common Sense For Utah

Wow. Just Wow.

Where do "public dollars" come from? Let's see...well, private businesses pay taxes and their employees pay taxes.

Imagine for a moment no private businesses. OK, got it? How many "public dollars" are there now? None. Zero.

Tax spenders forget that commerce and the profit motive is the reason they have taxes at all. This same profit motive is the reason your computer works and the reason works. If it didn't work then the money supporting those businesses disappears.

The public sector feels no such pressure to innovate or provide a good service because they are shielded from the economic effects of providing a poor product. For years they have provided a product ever lessening in quality and asking for more money to solve the problem.

The mere existence of vouchers and the school choice movement is creating some political pressure to change the public school system. This is all for the good.

This is evolution. Change or die.

Anonymous said...

Yes..let the union thugs at the school board control the money - heaven forbid we be proactive and an investment in our children.

Let's get our hands on the teachers pension fund money next.