Friday, September 28, 2007

Vouchers are a false choice for most Utah families

For too many Utah families vouchers don't offer a real choice. More than half of Utah's counties have NO private schools at all. The average private school tuition is almost $8,000 a year. The average statewide voucher is estimated to be only about $2,000. That means that for a family with four children, the additional $24,000 in tuition puts private school completely out of reach.

From Utahns for Public Schools.

Hat Tip: David


David said...

Maybe Rob should make a note that not one word of that post was his (unless he writes for Utahns for Public Schools. That post was lifted wholesale from their site - and I've talked twice (weeks ago) about the flaws in these arguments and the flimsy numbers they throw around.

J-Man said...

Just because you disagree David doesn't mean your right.

Looks like it was properly linked.

I know Rob and his reputation is solid, but I don't know you.

Are you even a permanent resident of Utah, or are you one of the PCE trolls that was hired from out of state?

Maybe when you have established yourself in the Utah blogging community like Rob has someone might take you seriously. Until then you might want to realize that vouchers are going down.

george bush said...

"Under the no child left behind act, Children'S are learning."

This is why no amount of money in the private sector can buy a good education.

George Bush is living proof of that.

Cameron said...

I know, what a moron. He went to Yale and became governor and two term president of the United States, beating two much smarter men in the process.


David said...


The article was not properly linked before. Rob added the link after I made my comment.

Yes, Rob is a respected member of the Utah blogging community, but if you were to do even so little as click on my name - as Rob has so kindly provided a link - you will see that I am a resident of Utah (I grew up here) and have been part of the blogging scene here since before vouchers were a hot issue. (longer than you, for example)

I certainly do not have the same visibility as Rob, but you could at least have a look before you fling accusations at me.

Rob said...

Actually it was linked David, and it was linked several times. The additional link siting the source was for you.

The Utah Amicus is not only a blog it is a portal. Most people who frequent this blog understand that not everything I personally post is mine.

Not to give too much away but I really do use my site meter and I pay close attention to the referrals and search words used. Because this site will usually show up on the first page of a search not all my posts are there for my everyday readers. Some are simply posted to help lend a hand to those who are looking for certain information.

You might want to ask Utahns for Public Schools if they any problems with this blog doing just that.

Thanks for stopping by David, I have linked your blog, The Pursuit of Liberty, and know that J-Man actually isn't much of a blogger, but he has been a commenting on the blogoshere longer than you have (if we are going to be picky then there it is).

Although you may not be a out-of-state paid PCE troll, they are out there and this site has been a target for quite some time,he didn't insinuate anything he simply asked you a question.

I also agree with J-Man's last sentence, "Vouchers are going down.

In the next several weeks you will see plenty of my original work, and why I believe that Utahns have already voted vouchers down during our last election.

David said...

You are right, it was linked. I guess it's the academic in me that always prefers to see things cited when they are quoted.

I know all about paid trolls - I didn't say they weren't there I simply dislike being accused when j-man would not do a simple check first - it's not like I hide who I am.

wake up cameron said...


He, George Bush never beat smarter men then him, to get to the White House.

He used "Secret Combinations" to get to the white house.

Do you think he will actually make it to Heaven?