Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Keith Christensen endorses Ralph Becker

(Salt Lake City) - Former mayoral candidate Keith Christensen announced his endorsement of Ralph Becker for Salt Lake City Mayor today. “Ralph Becker conducted himself with dignity throughout the primary. I have known Ralph personally for many years, and have always been impressed with his deliberate and well reasoned approach to City issues.”

Christensen, a former City Councilman and Olympic trustee, says he believes Becker is the “clear” choice to become Salt Lake City's next mayor. “In the dozens of forums and debates I participated in, Ralph refused to pander for votes, he spoke clearly and stayed focused on important issues facing Salt Lake City,” Christensen noted. “His experience as a former member of the Planning Commission, a Legislator and small business person will serve him well in the Mayor's office.” Christensen noted that “Ralph and I became closer friends during the primary run, unusual in today's world of partisan bickering.”

“It is an honor to receive Keith Christensen's endorsement to serve as the next mayor of Salt Lake City,” says Ralph. “Keith and I worked together when I was on the Salt Lake City Planning Commission, and I appreciated his thoughtful, well-considered approach to matters that came from the Planning Commission to the City Council. During this campaign, Keith and I developed a rapport that increased my respect and admiration for him. Keith presented himself as enormously capable of serving as the next Mayor, and his dignity helped shape a civil mayoral


Misty Fowler said...

Sweetness! Go, Becker, go!

republican senator larry craig said...

I am not gay. I have never been gay.

Anonymous said...

Christensen's carrer in politics is over - neither side trusts him

Rob said...

I disagree Anonymous. Not only do I trust Keith, I respect him.

I'm only one person, but I know many other Democrats and Republicans that feel the same way.

Rob said...


Please stop commenting on every post I make.

Okay, you're not gay.