Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Milton Friedman: Why America should legalize drugs

Does this mean PCE will start a group called, Parents for Choice in Drug Legalization?


Jeremy said...

I bet they would if they watched this whole video. Friedman was exactly right in arguing against our wasteful "War on Drugs".

We've incarcerated a higher percentage of our population than any other nation on earth because of our government's foolish and obsessive focus on our idiotic drug policy.

If you are trying to marginalize Friedman you should choose a different video of him. He's absolutely right in this one.

Rob said...

I actually agree that he is brilliant on this video, but I don't think the legalization of drugs is the answer. I do think we need to take a different approach towards drug addiction. Incarceration seems to have become a revolving door.

Jeremy, you can interpet my post anyway you choose, but my reason for posting this was more of a friendly jab at a friend of mine. I put this up after speaking with my friend (a voucher advocate) who told me that I was up in the night when I told him that Friedman advocated the legalization of illicit drugs.

Maybe I am just to vague with my posts.

Tyler Farrer said...


Waffle, waffle... ;)

Richard Watson said...

I think Friedman was the first one to coin the phrase, " Sex, drugs and rock-and-roll!"

Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant approach, Rob. We need more of this if we are going to win in November.

Rob said...


It may have hurt your blind dedication to the Utah GOP, but everyone knows that Governor Huntsman is the Waffler.

Is it waffling to say that someone is brillant during an interview even when you don't agree with their argument?

Look, I don't agree that Friedman had all the answers, or that all of his ideas were bad. That kind of thinking is for Washington D.C. I also don't think that the majority of those who want vouchers agree that we should legalize illicit drugs. Maybe it was my attempt to prove that good people can have bad ideas.

Do you think we should legalize drugs Tyler?

I believe that Jeremy is correct. Our country does have an idiotic drug policy, an issue I focused on during my campaign.

Unlike Jeremy I don't see Friedman as an "American Hero", and I don't think we should legalize drugs. I do think we need a new appraoch.

Let me also state that my reasons for not supporting vouchers is quite different from Jeremy's. It's not because there won't be enough demand as Jeremy stated on another post. Its my view that vouchers are just bad policy.

Thanks for commenting Tyler and say hi to Governor Waffle, Waffle Junior for me.

Rob said...


Jeremy said...


I think you and this website rock. As a diehard Friedman fan though I had to come to his defense!

You are not too vague. I understand what you were trying to do. :-)

And...I think it would be excellent if PCE and Utah's Republicans would adopt all of Friedman's ideas...not just the "school choice" plan which Friedman himself admitted had some flaws in one of his later editions of the book "Free To Choose". It is hilarious that they brag about how bright Friedman was when they use him to suppot their voucher schemes but they shy away when some of his other sensible ideas are presented like in the video you posted.

It is clear that libertarians are better off working with Utah's Democrats than they are with the Republicans!

Tyler Farrer said...


I understand what you are trying to do also. Generate some heat on your post, and then back off and ask us to check out the light you've cast in the comments.

The fact is, I wish you'd be weightier in your post, (and more moderated), and lighter in your comments.

One thing is true, and that is, that you understand how media works, and how to garner attention.

But, do you contribute to the debate by erecting a strawman (war on drugs), and then beating it to a pulp, when the issue is, and always has been vouchers.

Rob said...

I glad you know I'm doing Tyler because I really don't have a clue.

Now that's honesty.



Rob said...

One man's brilliance is another man's stupidity.

Thanks anyway anonymous.

Dave said...

So if PCE's support of Friedman's voucher idea makes them supporters of drug legalization, does that mean the Dem's constant references to Presidents Jefferson and Jackson make you supporters of having illegitimate children with slaves and forcing Native Americans to do a death march across the country?

Dave said...

No worries, though. My comments are just "a friendly jab." I honestly have no idea what I'm doing.

Vote for Vouchers! (and for kids)

David Veit said...

You said it Dave, you have no idea what you are doing.

Vote for Utah Kids, Vote against vouchers!

Tom Grover said...

This is what happens when Utah conservatives attempt to use libertarian Friedman as some sort of dogma.

And one more thing, it has really bugged the hell out of me that many have implied that because Friedman supported the general concept of vouchers he would have supported this ridiculous program we have in Utah. I highly doubt it as it is a government program without accountability or transparency, which is why I oppose it.

Rob you and I joked a while back that you would get me to convert to liberalism.... perhaps the conversion is working the other way? Have we another disciple of free minds and free markets?


Tom Grover said...

And one more thing... there is only one Waffler in Utah and his name is Jon Huntsman Junior.

FRIDAY: Against special session
SATURDAY: Open and willing to consider special session.

That's a waffle. Acknowledging a good opposing argument is not.

Rob said...


You are a liberal as was Friedman.

I have the video to prove it too.