Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Where's the diversity?


Part of the Plan said...

Republicans don't believe in diversity. Nor evolution, climate change, public education, medical benefits of stem cell research, equal rights, privacy, the Constitution and freedom of religion (which includes freedom from religion).

Jeremy said...

What do you mean "Where is the diversity?"

There are at least 2 of those white guys who are mostly bald.

Where are the bald Democratic candidates eh? Who is going to represent the most hair deprived among us?!

Diversity indeed :-)

Rob said...

Thanks for setting me straight Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

Diversity will be the death of our culture and our way of life as we know it.

I'm greatful we have uniformioty across the board for this slate f canadites.

remember, the founding fathers didn't be beleive in diversity - nor should we.

Angry white male said...

America’s strength is not its population, but its Founding document the Constitution which has survived Irish political thuggery and Bossism...Italian, Jewish and black ethnic politics and maintained the essence of its original character, that is to say, the Bill of Rights still enshrines the individual OVER government and subjugates the state as a servant NOT a master.

A single mom said...

The idea that “diversity, by itself, is a strength,” is a foolish one. No reputable studies have shown a diverse workforce to be as efficient, let alone, more efficient than a homogeneous one.

Part of the Plan said...

a single mom,

Um, excuse me, they also don't believe in single moms.

A sugar house resident said...

Multiculturalism will if allowed to fester can destroy a nation from within.

Americans have been 'brainwashed' for more than a decade by the multi-cultural and diversity propaganda. Many are intimidated into the acceptance of diversity and multiculturalism by the invocation of political correctness (pc), or as it might be more aptly named . . . 'political castration.' It is most unfortunate that seemingly unaware of the danger, domesticated and pacified Americans, many indoctrinated by the 'cult of diversity,' have blindly embraced the multi-cultural concept, which by definition engenders a society that is divergent, different, and disparate. Hyphenation of our national identity is simply an extension of that propaganda. It is frowned upon by those of us who are smart enough to understand that the concepts of diversity and multiculturalism are the exact opposite of our national motto

hello dashing said...

I didn't realize we had so many biggots in Utah.

Oh wait, yes I did. And now they read the Utah Amicus.

Rory Shacklford - I do speak for you said...

The diversity-├╝ber-alles mindset has gained popularity among policymakers, professors, pundits, and the general public.

diversity harms the quality of education

When will this foolishness over diversity end ?

A uniformed culture and mindset is what is needed in todays society.

conform or leave

Part of the Plan said...

hello dashing,

These aren't garden-variety bigots...these are up-front fascists. Pure and simple.

Rob said...

Although I won't reveal who Anonymous, Angry White Male, Surgar House Resident, or Single Mom is I will state that they are all one person trolling the Utah Amicus.

Let me clarify, some Anonymous comments are the same as the three above.

I also suspect, but have not yet veryfied that Old Fashioned Democrat is also the same person.

Jesse Harris said...

The paradox of diversity is that the proponents of it say that gender and race don't (or shouldn't) matter, yet they continue to make it a major issue. You can't have it both ways, you know. Besides, the open field in the 2000 election included Elizabeth Dole and Alan Keyes. Yawn.

Part of the Plan said...


You're right, 2000 was a great year, I sure miss it. Remember, Al Gore was elected president? Too bad the Supreme Court wouldn't let us inaugurate him.

The Senate Site said...

The 2008 elections are going to be historic - the United States of America will probably have her first Mormon President, first Woman President, or her first African-American President. Why don't we just elect Gladys Knight and get it all over with at once?

Megan Risbon said...

As a REAL single mom, I can tell you that none of the Republican candidates for President represent me or have any idea what my daily life is like.

As for the Democrats, they know what the people want because they are out there--talking to them every day. They don't just talk the talk, they listen and truly care.

The 2008 election won't be about gay marriage or abortion (neither of which are the downfall of society, by the way).

It will focus on the unethical and unjust civil war in Iraq that is creating thousands of single moms across the county. It will be about the children of those single mom's whose children do not have any health insurance. It will be about those single moms who live paycheck to paycheck and wonder how they are going to pay the bills next month.

The Democrats have a plan. They are the party of the people and I am proud to be one of them.

rational white male said...

I'm a white male who disagrees with virtually every item in the Republican Party platform - top to bottom.

If you put my picture next to that group and assume that I share any of their principles, ideas, or beliefs simply because I also share their skin tone, you could not be more wrong. I add "diversity" to any room I enter.

Kelly Ann said...

Megan, while your point is well taken about single mothers borne of the Iraq war debacle, you lost me with your party-mantra rhetoric.

To say that all Republicans are evil and all Democrats get it is, frankly, superficial. We can do better than that in creating a robust political dialogue, however, a first necessary step is to acknowledge that there are good people of all walks of life and political persuasions. To villify someone, or even a party, based on their earnestly felt political views would be to sink lower than those who would call immigration satan's work.

I have read the Amicus with great interest for months and generally find the dialogue to be quite good (thank you rob, et al. for doing a great public service in providing this forum!)..but I find myself repeatedly disatisfied when it comes to party bashing posts.

Hey, I'm all for getting one over on Republicans when I can!

Nonetheless, discrediting or worse, avoiding, an idea or argument based on labeling it as Republican belies what I believe is inhered to our Democratic philosophy-- a deep and abiding commitment to understanding and tolerance, if not acceptance. This doesn't mean we have to agree or concede that Republicans are right *never!*, but we do have to realize that conservative ideals are as widespread as liberal ones and that we must, then, find a way to co-exist and still govern.

Seeing that I am now a bit far afield in philosophy land, I suppose I will bring it back to reality with this: Show the 2008 Democratic Presidential candidates and ask yourself the same diversity question. One woman, one. Two ethnic minorities. Can we really claim the moral high ground here?

I guess this is all to say, let's have a robust dialogue on these issues, but let's have an honest one. And let's actually address the issues that conservatives, liberals, and moderates alike raise on here...that's the mana of blogger politics.

hello dashing said...

looks like Kelly Ann is running for something.