Thursday, May 10, 2007

The unvarnished truths about Iraq - Part 1 of 3

With all the debates going around on the subject of the war, why in the world would you think that I have anything to add to the discussion that you haven't already heard before? Well, because I haven't heard anyone else say the things I'm about to say, at least in the mainstream media. To be honest, I don't really like what I'm hearing from any of the camps out there - the administration, the Republican leaders, even the Democratic leaders and Presidential candidates. So, without any further ado, here goes:

In Part 1, let's have some honest talk about the two major talking points of the Administration and Republican Congressional leaders.

Point 1: We can't have a date for troop withdrawal from Iraq, because our enemies will just wait us out. It's setting a date for defeat.

Hard truth response: We already have a firm date for troop withdrawal from Iraq. It's November 2008. Because if we are still there by then, the Republican Party will be annihilated in the election - and then the troops will come home. You know it. I know it. More importantly, the Republicans know it, which is why there is a gathering earthquake of discontent in Republican ranks over Administration handling of the war. I'm not saying this to gloat or anything; it's just plain fact. Al Qaeda and the insurgents watch CNN. You don't think they've figured this out? America is on its way out of that country. What does it matter if the date is April 2008 or November 2008?

Point 2: If we don't win in Iraq, it will become a safe haven for Al Qaeda.

Hard truth response: Iraq already is, and will remain, a safe haven for Al Qaeda, thanks to the Bush Administration. In all the military plans I've seen, none include sending the hundreds of thousands of troops it would require out into the deserts of Iraq to rout out every trace of Al Qaeda and its supporters. At this point, it doesn't really matter what happens to the central government in Iraq; even if they survive the insurgency, it will be many years before they really have control of every square meter of their territory. The provinces of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan are safe havens for Al Qaeda, for heaven's sake, and they have a relatively stable government led by an American ally!

The Republicans arguments don't hold water. But I have a bone to pick with the Democratic leaders and presidential candidates as well. More about that in Part 2.


Marshall said...

Also and I stole this from someone else but do you really thing we can have a surprise withdrawal? Like one day the Iraqis will wake up and wonder where everyone went. The second we start moving troops out everyone will know about it. How do you move 130,000 troops out of country and make it a surprise?

I wish Republicans would just be honest and admit they have no exit strategy, it is basically cross their fingers and hope while our brave soldiers wait out a civil war. It is the most sick political calculating of our time.

I am very frustrated with Congressman Matheson, he is complicit in this debacle.

Just tonight he voted to keep our troops in the middle of a civil war. Our troops have done their job, the Iraqis must take responsibility for their own country, bring our troops home.

Frank Staheli said...


I'm sure you've already had someone tell you it's not that simple...but it's not that simple. Despite the media ambulance chasers, things are going better in some pretty important places there.


You make some pretty good points. I think you are right. My responses: (1) Bush and Cheney have screwed this thing up beyond comprehension. I don't blame people for saying that the surge won't work. It will be a huge political albatross for the Republicans (which I think is unfortunate) unless there is a pretty substantial change in inertia. (2) Al Qaeda has a safe haven nearly everywhere in the world, considering that most western societies are free and open and have never been confronted with the problems that al Qaeda presents (unless you believe in the book of Mormon and the Gadianton robbers.)

Frank Staheli said...

Sorry I forgot the link that explains how things are going better.

Marshall said...

Hey Frank, How many troops died last month? Is that progress? I am getting sick of - "we are turning the corner"; "the media isn't telling us the whole story"; "we are making progress".

More flag waving and pom pom shaking from Frank and Bush is not going to change the fact that our troops are dying at an ever increasing rate in a country that is "trending toward peace", whatever the hell that means.

hello dashing said...

I don't think Frank is in love with the Bush administration. From everythign I've read, it appears to me that Frank is disgusted with Bush like many others in this country.

However, if things are truly going better in some places, then let's get out of those places and fix what we broke everywhere else... so that we can work on getting OUT of there, once and for all.