Saturday, May 05, 2007

So, does this mean...

Just read a comment on a post where the writer was calling the blogger on the carpet, telling him he is a "disgraceful member of the church."


And why does this person think this LDS blogger is disgraceful?

Because he does not support the commander in chief.

She also said that "Bush Bashing is Apostasy."

If being a good Mormon means you have to support the president, at all times and without question, then does that mean this particular writer was a big supporter of President Clinton?

I'm just sayin...


Anonymous said...

In the end, with the democrat’s position on abortion, I fail to see how anyone who is LDS and a democrat can have a clear conscience.

Emily said...

LDS Democrats stand by the LDS church position on abortion, which says it must be safe and legal in cases of rape, incest, or life and health of the mother.

LDS Democrats also stand by the LDS church handbook, which states that this is a decision to not be taken lightly, but in council with the woman's doctor, her bishop, the the Lord.

However, nowhere in LDS church doctrine does it state that a Government should have a say in it, too.

Finally, LDS Democrats and Democrats of faith *everywhere* would like to see the number of abortions in America reduced.

LDS Democrats and Democrats are NOT pro-abortion. We are pro-love -- we want what is best for children, through affordable health care, good education opportunities, and the right to live in a safe environment. If we would stop FIGHTING about this issue, but instead work together to actually meet the goal of reducing abortions, we could stop using this as the biggest and most deceitful political wedge issue of all time.

Another LDS Democrat said...

There they go again. Anonymous pops up and can't use his / her real name.

The Democratic party is a big tent and welcomes people with all kinds of opinions on the abortion issue. As a pro-life Democrat, I feel perfectly comfortable here, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...


You had better give President Faust a call then and tell him he is unworthy.

Your remarks are better reserved for the millions of Republicans who are pro-choice.

For me, I support the LDS church position, period.

Oldenburg said...

No matter what the LDS church leadership claims it says, the meaning that many Saints get is that "thou shalt be a [right-wing] Republican" That commenter is symptomatic of a much larger problem. The abortion argument is much more legit that the "commander in chief" talking point. Nevertheless, Emily is right that LDS democrats are not out of step with their church.

Mike Jones said...

It's useful to remember what Gordon B. Hinckley said about President Clinton on Larry King's show during the Lewinsky thing.

The gist of it was: "Well, I feel very sorry for him in the first place. Here's a man of great talent and capacity who has evidently just hurt himself so seriously that it must be a terrible thing for him. Personally, I forgive him." He goes on talk about accountability to the people. ( full transcript)

The beauty of it is that he complimented Clinton's strength, resisted attacking Clinton yet still held on to accountability.

I wish more conservatives would have done the same at the time and I wish more anti-Bush people (you can't just say liberals anymore) would do the same now.

Civility and accountability. Two things which go well together.

Derek said...

Thanks for the support, Emily.

Anonymous, I have a couple of different posts on my blog which explain how I have no moral qualms whatsoever about being liberal (while I support the Democrats much of the time, I am not registered as a Democrat; I feel they are often far too moderate) and LDS.

Emily said...


As always, you are welcome.

The Deseret Spectacle said...

Wow. I just went over there and read the comments. I of course couldn't help but post a couple of comments myself, being the secular progressive heathen that I am.


Emily said...

DS -

Wow, she tried to make ground beef out of you.

And she says *we* are scary.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous has spoken and speaks for you

A sugar house resident said...


You do raise an interesting point; abortion is never once mention in the party platform of the Utah State Democratic Party – So technically there is no stance at the state level.

The 2004 Democratic Party platform at the national level supported abortion.

Rob said...

For me, it has been a blessing to be LDS and a Democrat.

Hello from our Nation's Capital.

Richard Watson said...

For those idiotic conservatives who have a hard time with LDS members being Democrats:
Name one LDS member who was excommunicated for being a Democrat.
(hint: zero)