Wednesday, May 02, 2007

News Release: Veteran newspaperman to coordinate Democrats' solution-oriented message

SALT LAKE CITY -- A 20-year newspaper veteran has been hired by the Utah Democratic Party to handle communications responsibilities.

Bill Keshlear will help build the Utah Democratic Party and elect county and state Democratic candidates by coordinating and implementing communication strategy.

“This is an exciting time for Utah and for the Democratic Party,” said Wayne Holland, chair of the party. “Bill offers a depth of experience that will greatly enhance our ability to tell voters how Democrats will work to solve problems that concern every Utahn – jobs that ensure family stability, education, safe communities, accessible health care, and a clean and healthy environment.”

Keshlear’s professional experience includes:
  • Conceiving and leading a comprehensive re-design of The Salt Lake Tribune four years ago as director of design
  • Interviewing policy advocates as a news editor, copy editor, and art director for the Opinion section of the San-Diego Union-Tribune.
  • Compiling the national and international newswire report as news editor for the Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram.
Keshlear served with an elite unit patrolling the East-West German/West German-Czechoslovakian borders. He is a graduate of The University of Montana in Missoula and currently is completing a Master of Professional Communication degree at Westminster. Keshlear has taught reporting, writing, and newspaper design at Utah State University and the University of Utah.

Also, he is a member of the Communications Council of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah and a parishioner at St.Paul’s Episcopal Church in Salt Lake City.

Bill Keshlear
Communications Director

Utah Democratic Party


Anonymous said...

wouldn't this been chaeaper in terms of wages of hiring a intern..or outsourcing this to a PR firm.

I know for example that Roz McGee's campaign was manged by a college just seems cheaper

Rob said...

Anonymous, Thanks for your comment. The DNC has provided the funds for three staffers. It is part of Howard Dean's 50 state strategy.

Having a day to day professional is much better than outsourcing. Although I am a fan of interns, I am even a greater fan of paying a living wage, and providing for health care coverage. The DNC pays for both.

What a great gift from the DNC.

Anonymous said...

So Keshlear's former military?

So is KUTV reporter and public affairs show host Rod Decker.

So is the Trib's editorial and opinion editor Vern Anderson

Anyone else in the Wasatch Front's accredited media?

See a pattern of placing U.S. military loyalists in positions where critical accounts of U.S. military policies and actions are spiked?

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see this job outsourced, and the money used to pay for benefits go towards promoting canadites..this is a luxary position given to a party crony.

A PR intern could this job a lot cheaper

Anonymous said...

Anon, you don't have a clue do you?

Why outsource if the state party is not paying for this position?

Why pay more and possibly get less?

You just want to be contrary.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Bill

Emily said...

Let me spell this out for you...

- DNC provides the funds, and the funds are only to be used to pay for this position. They can't use the funds on candidates. Has to be used on a communications director.

Get it?

Emily said...

ps - the Utah Democratic party can't even "enhance" the position with more money... so really, the Democratic party doesn't spend one red (blue) cent on this position.

Bill said...

Anonymous, thanks for your contribution.

Military loyalist?

I was drafted ...

by Richard Nixon ...

after campaigning for George McGovern ...

during the Watergate summer.