Sunday, May 06, 2007

My letter to Jessica

The poor thing said she needed to have a Priesthood Blessing because of the lively blogging conversation. I'm sorry we did that to her. Here's my response.

"Wow, posting this on the UtahAmicus seems to have really stirred things up out there in blog land - don’t know whether to apologize to Derek or to just keep posting!

I will say this… Jessica, I am sorry if all of our comments have taken you to the point of needing a priesthood blessing. Our intent is not to upset anybody to that point. I think most of us are just astounded that no matter what we say, you are refusing to address *our* arguments and keep coming back with all of this rhetoric, quoting people who we aren’t even talking about and assuming that because the majority of us are LDS Democrats or Liberals that somehow we are not following God’s plan because we don’t subscribe to your brand of politics, or because we think Sean Hannity is up in the night.

Really, it’s not all that important in the big scheme of things. The last time I heard, the plan of salvation was about coming to the earth to learn valuable things about returning to God. Part of that requires “Loving one Another” and being good to our brothers and sisters throughout the whole world, not just those who we agree with politically. When you say such hateful things, not only about LDS Democrats but also about members of the world family, it makes me a little bit sad.

You might not agree with George Soros or anybody else you’ve quoted here… but this bitterness that you have for anyone with a difference of opinion is really troublesome to me.

All I can say is that I hope you have a restful Sunday and that you don’t let this trouble you too much… it’s just politics, afterall — there really ARE things that are much more important."


Anonymous said...

It must be struggle to be a mormon and a democrat

Anonymous said...

It must be a struggle to follow Jesus and Bush/Cheney at the same time.

Emily said...

No struggle, anonymous #1. I'm perfectly content as an LDS Democrat. It's the partisan republicans who seem to have the struggle with it.

Richard Watson said...

Do have any clue why the Church is neutral in politics?
If they have Mormons in both parties, then it is easier for them to lobby for legislation. But that is not the only reason why the Church is neutral.
If you think the only reason to be a Republican is because of abortion and gays, then you need to see your bishop.