Monday, May 07, 2007


On Thursday May 3rd I made the case why the Voucher Vote should be during a general election not the Presidential Primary.

Today the Trib Reported:

Gov. Huntsman favors November -- rather than February -- for voucher vote

Posted: 3:00 PM- Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. is now leaning toward a November vote on the school voucher referendum. That is a change from a preference for February he expressed two weeks ago -- and a return to his initial instinct to let people vote "sooner rather than later."
Huntsman expects to officially announce an election date within the next week, spokesman Mike Mower said. . . Read more.

Coincidence? Or is the Governor reading the Utah Amicus?


Anonymous said...

Coincidence? Yep, I'd say so.

Jeremy said...

Heh...if it wasn't a coincidence than thank you Christian!

Emily said...

Ya never know. Everybody else seems to read the Amicus.

Richard Watson said...

The Amicus is famous and nationally known. Don't forget that last summer, everyone in the nation was reading the Amicus because of the local baseball story that Rob posted.
ESPN Radio and Sporting News created a lot of hits for the Amicus as people from around the country wanted to know more about our little league controversy in Bountiful.

Anonymous said...

Don't give yourself so much credit

Anonymous said...

Why not? The Republicans try to take credit for everything.

Good job Democrats, I really enjoy your blog.

Emily said...


We are "the Democrats" now.

I like it. The face of the Utah Democrats is the Utah Amicus.