Monday, May 14, 2007

Busy weekend

For the three people that are waiting for my posts on Washington D.C., and Annapolis I apologize. My wife Michelle and I worked in our yard all day Saturday, and spending Mothers Day with Mom, Michelle, and the three beautiful Miller kids ended up being priority number one, as it should be.

I will try to get those posts up asap.

With every best wish,

The Utah Amicus


Richard Watson said...

The Davis County Democrats were grateful Saturday for giving us highlights of your trip to Maryland. It sounds like our State Party is going in the right direction and we have great leaders.
Thanks Rob, for sharing your insights about the monuments in D.C.

Emily said...


No one is going to fault you for spending mother's day with your darling family.

Personally, I had a fabulous mother's day. The men in my life (Mark and the boys) made me breakfast in bed, made sure my laundry was done and detailed my car on Saturday. And then, last night they made a strawberry pie. I think they outdid themselves. I have a wonderful husband and darling kids.

We'll look forward to your report.