Sunday, April 01, 2007

Welcome Steve Olsen

Utah's First District Congressional Candidate, Steve Olsen, has joined the ranks of The Utah Amicus.

Steve kept his own blog during his campaign in 2006 and his small book, Why most Utahns are Democrats (but just don't know it yet), was a great read, as were his blog posts.

Steve is a great friend, and I am honored that he would accept my invitation to join The Utah Amicus.

I will post more on Steve later.

Welcome Bishop Steve Olsen!


GOP Sniper said...

It's nice that you welcome another "NOTHING" who previously ran for office. Heck, anyone with a check-book and a political offiliation-can run for "office."

Should we give "LOVE" to someone, just because they put they're names on the ballot??

No. Get in line, people.

J-Man said...

You are absolutly apalling GOP. Just like the Party leadership you are sniping for.

Welcome Steve!

Tom Grover said...


I like what you've been doing with the Amicus lately! You've assembled an all-star line up. Keep up the good work!

Emily said...

Sniper -

Chill out, man! Rob was welcoming him as a contributor to the Amicus team.

I for one am glad to have him here. He'll add some good stuff to the debate.

Rob said...

Dear Sniper,

"Up your nose with a rubber hose!"

Thanks for stopping by.

Emily said...



Richard Watson said...

I think gop sniper is a typo...It should be GOP SNIFFER.