Monday, April 30, 2007

Utah Voucher Referendum: Part II


Anonymous said...

Who is funding the Attys for Utah for Public Schools?

hello dashing said...

anonymous.. what is your point?

Anonymous said...

I'm just asking..whose funding the legal battle for Utans for Public Schools?

Anonymous said...

Part I: Getting the signatures and being deemed "sufficient".

Part II: Winning on the ballot.

Is that it Rob?

Rob said...


Anonymous said...

Union thugs pay for it

hello dashing said...

Union thugs. Bah humbug.

I think like any other PIC or PAC, they are using donations from individuals and organizations who support their cause.

If you are suggesting that your tax dollars are paying for the battle, then you are probably incorrect.

Richard Watson said...

Who's paying for the other side of the voucher scam?
Wal-Mart, Amway and
Who are these "union thugs"? and do you have proof that they are "thugs"? or are you just spewing the usual conservative rhetoric?

Anonymous said...

Who's paying for the pro vouchers..thats

So why are Utahans for public Schools being hushed about who is footing their legal bills?

Old Fashioned Democrat Who Votes said...

Richard -

He got you there.

A single mom said...

I think Utahans for public schools are laundrying a lot of union money to pay for this law suit - the NEA is really nervous about this.

And for the type of atty's they need to fight don't hold bake sales

Anonymous said...

Today's Des News:

"A handful of people opposed to the referendum filed a motion in 3rd District Court on Friday, asking the court for a restraining order against the lieutenant governor's office to stop the counting of the petition signatures. The group that filed the request — Utahns for Electoral Fairness — had briefly examining the petitions and believed enough of the signatures were fraudulent to nullify the referendum."

You really wonder how many people were harmed or threatend inot signing this.

Natalie said...

I am helping to pay for the attorneys. I donated $20 to the cause just a few weeks ago. I'm sure there are a lot of little people like me who can and are helping. If you're one, you can donate at

They take credit cards or checks.

hello dashing said...

Anonymous, you left out the last paragraph...

"a judge denied the restraining-order request, allowing the counting to continue throughout the weekend."

hello dashing said...


A 3rd District judge Monday denied a request for emergency temporary injunctive relief sought by a group of residents who claim signatures were forged in Salt Lake County petitions for a referendum on school vouchers.
The request, filed Friday against Lt. Gov. Gary Herbert, aimed to prevent Herbert from verifying the petitions, and allowing Utahns for Electoral Fairness, led by Bart Grant and Mike Ridgway, the opportunity to challenge the legitimacy of the signatures.
Ridgway said the request was shot down Monday.
Herbert's office verified 124,218 valid signatures among more than 131,000 reportedly submitted to county clerks this month.
To get the issue on a ballot, the group needed nearly 92,000 signatures.
But Ridgway claims many of those collected in Salt Lake County were not properly verified.
"Instead, the county clerk merely read the signatures and checked to see whether those names corresponded to the name of a registered voter," according to the complaint.
Though the deadline to intervene in the counting of the signatures has passed, Ridgway would still like to see some accounting of the signatures by Herbert and the county clerk.
"It just appears the county clerks were very indifferent in doing due diligence," Ridgway said.

Mike Ridgeway? Big deal. He bitches about everything.

Rob said...

All legal services up to now has been pro bono by attorney Janet Jensen.

Basically Janet's help has been a "labor of love".

There is your answer, now you can stop making things up.

Rob said...

Hey Mike Ridgway,

How was jail?

Richard Watson said...

old fashioned democrat...(if that is who you really are);
Anon did not "get me there"
what an idiotic response.
and to anon...if you do any kind of research, Utahns for Public Schools is funded by ordinary people who put up a few dollars a piece to fight for our rights to keep public education. It is not funded by "union thugs". You seem to forget that other groups are involved, like the PTA. I suppose now you'll be calling the PTA a bunch of "thugs".
The people do not depend on Wal-mart money and thankfully we can think and fight for ourselves.
By the way, every time a conservative replies on Rob's blog, they always reply with an Anonymous title...why is that? why are you afraid to express your opinion?

Anonymous said...

oh come Richard, you can do better than that...these are high priced atty's who don't work for free..where is that money coming from?

Rob said...

Janet is a high priced attorney, and she has worked for free, as did the volunteers who worked so hard to collect the needed signatures.

No out of state money. No Amway or Walmart money. Just some really great people who believe that Steve Walmart and other legislators have been bought and paid for by Parents who want your tax dollars to pay for their Private Education Academies (aka PCE).

Richard Watson said...

Read Rob's comment, ponder it and ask, why is the big money going to Parents For Choice?
Ask yourself this: why does Utahns for Public Schools have so many volunteers working for a cause that most Utahns believe in and why does PFC have to depend on some billionaire's wealth?

Frank Staheli said...

I would like to think that people are for or against this thing because they have made up their mind based on facts rather than that they are either Republicans or Democrats.

I understand that outside interests provided funding for the Utah voucher campaign. This is unfortunate, but I still support the voucher law.

Now...can someone tell me unequivocally (there seems to be sentiment in the comments above that they can't) that some equally "shady" (people who don't have a dog in this fight) groups are not funding the campaign against vouchers?

Emily said...


You are right, in that there are people from all over the political spectrum supporting the referendum, and others from all over the spectrum who support vouchers. This is not and should not be a partisan issue. Most southern Utah polls show people split right down the middle on this.. and we don't have that many registered Democrats. Clearly, it is not partisan politics that is driving the debate.

Having said that, I do not know of any shady money coming into the anti-voucher fight... we won't know until reports are filed. But I can say that I know that many of the donations are coming from regular people, in the forms of little $50 checks here and $20 credit card donations there. Lots of teachers and parents and grandparents. I know this for sure.

I will be interested to see the reports when they are filed...

Emily said...
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Emily said...

More thoughts...

I have heard that the UEA is fighing this fight. Perhaps... but you have to compare where UEA money is coming from vs. the money that comes to Parents for Choice in Education.

PCE has several large dollar donors.

the UEA's donors are all $70 little donations here and there from teachers.

The only big "donation" to UEA is the contribution that was interest accured in the bank account.

Here are the 2006 numbers:



these are 2006 numbers, so it doesn't show expenditures going out... but it shows how much was spent during elections and who has the bigger bank account.

Richard Watson said...

To add to Emily's comment, the Utah PTA is also helping in the fight against vouchers.
That means that parents are teaming up with teachers.