Monday, April 09, 2007

Rocky Anderson and STEP IT UP Present: A FREE CONCERT with LOS LOBOS!

Please join Mayor Rocky Anderson and thousands of others this Saturday, April 14th at STEP IT UP Salt Lake City.

STEP IT UP events will take place across the nation calling for Congress to pass legislation to cut carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.

Washington Square will be the site of great music including Los Lobos! There will also be food, exhibits, presentations, vendors, informational booths and even a children’s playground.

Click HERE for a personal invitation from Mayor Rocky Anderson.


Old fashioned Democrat who votes said...

Why would anyone with half a brain support Rocky?

Ol' GOP Joe said...

OFDWV: It's a free concert, bonehead, not a city referendum or a vote to retain.

But every time I see one of you anonymous GOP comments trollers, I want Rocky to run again.


A Republican who loves that Rocky wants my kids to have fresh air to breathe.

hello dashing said...

Right on, Ol' GOP Joe -

A person doesn't have to agree with everything Rocky says or does..

But clean air... that's a good thing, no matter who says it.

Anonymous said...

Clean air is great and Los Lobos makes it even greater..K