Friday, April 13, 2007

Rep. Cannon renews gaffe on Veterans

Here are two interesting posts about Rep. Chris Cannon and American Veterans:

Part of the Plan
Deseret Spectacle

Flashbacks from my campaign:

Cannon votes against veterans

Cannon doesn't get it.


The Deseret Spectacle said...

Wow. The most interesting thing to me about this is the actual phrasing of his dodge was almost identical. Maybe, Rep. Cannon, just maybe, you should find out who these groups are and why they giving you such low grades.

Here's a couple of questions: if he didn't know who these veterans groups were when you got called on it the first time, why the hell didn't he find out? If I was in that position I would be tripping over myself to see how I might have failed veterans. But no, just the same blithely dismissive answer both times he was called on it.

My second question is, what consists of "everything" that he said he "voted for" or "supported" for the veterans? Obviously anything he thinks he might have done is meaningless to these groups, so I would love to know why he thinks he's their champion.

It's actually pretty astounding that he didn't go out of his way to vote for measures to help our returning troops. He must feel absolutely untouchable. And isn't it sad that he kind of is.

You get what you vote for, Utah. Stay devoted to the every worsening and corrupt Republican candidates and you'll keep electing the same old self-interest liars.


Marshall said...

First off, thank you for running, we have to force these guys to face the sunlight.

The words escape me watching this... He got a ZERO rating by the DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS last year, he got the same zero in 2005, this guy doesn't have a fucking clue. And his answer every time is "I don't know what veterans group you are talking about because I love veterans..." Words don't mean shit buddy!

On another topic, who is going to take this guy on in 2008 and staple this to his forehead? If you feel so inclined to run again I want you to know that the Utah netroots will back you up, we will run those ActBlue servers into the ground because we have got to get people in Congress that supporting the troops actually means something.