Thursday, April 26, 2007

Political Spyglass: Todd D. Weiler says:

Show respect for vice presidency
Although Cheney's selection has been divisive, it has also facilitated a thoughtful debate about his career and the war in Iraq -- which is precisely what an academic institution is suppose to do. This exchange of opinions would not have occurred if the university had invited a church official or some unknown academic egghead.

Academic egghead?

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Richard Watson said...

Weiler's article comes from the Davis County Clipper where the topic was Cheney's visit to BYU. His article was the Republican response, and my article was the Democratic response.
The articles are under the Party Lines portion of the editorial page.
Comments on Cheney's visit was printed in the Davis County Clipper, Tuesday, April 17th.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Daily Herald asked me to expand the Clipper peice from 450 words to 750 words for publication on the day of Cheney's visit. They also published a peice by Wayne Holland to run counter to mine.

Todd Weiler

Richard Watson said...

Nice to see that you read Rob's blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh you silly republicans, did the devil make you do it?