Thursday, April 05, 2007

Kudos to Nightside and SLCSpin!

KSL's The NIGHTSIDE Project and Ethan Millard's SLCSpin were both honored in this week's City Weekly, Best of Utah 2007 report.

NIGHTSIDE was named, "Best Local Nighttime Talk", and SLCSpin was honored for the second time in two years, this time as Utah's "Best Local Political Blog".

I have been a fan of NIGHTSIDE from the beginning, and thanks to SLCSpin's influence you are now reading The Utah Amicus.

Click here to read more about NIGHTSIDE and SLCSPIN, as well as the many other locals who were honored in this week's City Weekly.

Kudo's to you NIGHTSIDE and SLCSpin, and it is our hope that you continue your success, here in Happy Valley!


Top Photo: Jon Dunn, Michael Castner, and Ethan Millard


Voice of Utah said...


Ethan said...

Thanks man, you're the best.

Jon Dunn said...

Robert, you rock.

But could you have not photoshopped that photo to take away some of the fat on my face?

Rob said...

But Jon, I did.