Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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Anonymous said...

The Union thugs meet.

A single mom said...

Teachers' unions spend as much as 40% of union dues on causes unrelated to collective bargaining and for requiring teachers to pay two sets of dues if a competing union enters the district.
Who are the arch enemies of effective U.S. school reform and parental choice? Try, sadly enough, the National Education Association (NEA).

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who is a teacher. She had asked me a question about union dues.
My friend does not agree with the gay agenda of the teachers union and wanted money back that goes to political causes. The union thugs really gave her a hard time and said they would kick her out of the union. Then, they said they could divert that portion to a charitable cause. No, she said, I want the money rebated.
It took about a month and a half but of about $700 in yearly dues, she just received a check for $171. Does that mean that 1/4 of the dues are going to political purposes, leftist political purposes?
Now, two other teachers at her school want to get money back and a few other teachers I know in another school want the same thing.
As I recall, over 25% of all delegates to the Democratic National Convention were teachers. It is time to drive a dagger into the heart of their fundraising ability through the shakedown they call union dues.
Please contact any teacher you know and ask them if the union notifies them once a year as is required by law of their right to get back funds. If they have never notified them, it may be possible for them to get several years of money back. That could be devastating to the union.

Anonymous said...

examples of union fraud in Utah:

Utah Secretary-Treasurer Sentenced for Embezzlement (6/19/2006)
Former Secretary in Utah Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement (1/16/2006)
Former Secretary-Treasurer in Utah Indicted for Thefts (9/26/2005)
Utah Spouse Sentence for $49,700 Fraud (5.12 06/10/02)
Grayson and Ten Other Defendants Settle $110 Million Pension Suit (5.11 05/27/02)
Utah Court Deals Union Lawyers a Blow (5.10 05/13/02)
Oregon Fund Manager Agrees to Plead Guilty (5.9 04/29/02)
DOL Settles Five Portland Pension Fund Suits (5.8 04/15/02)
Utah Boss' Spouse Pleads Guilty to Mail Fraud linked to Union Corruption (5.7 04/01/02)
Union Fund Trustees Settle Members' Suits for $16 Million (5.6 03/04/02)
Utah Governor Signs Paycheck Protection into Law (4.7 04/02/01)
Utah Legislature Passes Paycheck Protection (4.5 03/05/01)
Union Violence in U.S. West Strike (1.7 09/07/98)

A sugar house resident said...

Not taking side on this one..but I did find this in the news recently for all of you ipod lovers:

"Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc., made some disparaging remarks about teacher unions a few weeks ago. His comments included the assertion that “what is wrong with our schools in this nation is that they have become unionized in the worst possible way. This unionization and lifetime employment of K-12 teachers is off-the-charts crazy.”

Jesse said...

That's what's most interesting about Steve Jobs: he's both a major contributor to the Democratic Party AND a major proponent of vouchers.

Old Fashioned Democrat who votes said said...

I imagine that UEA is a lot like a Soprano’s get together…they meet is dark smoke filled rooms, drink wine, eat wonderful food…(paid for by union dues) and conspire ways to fleece their members and threaten those good people who support innovation and school vouchers.

After coffee, they decide which politicians to pay off.

Remember – Union money – is blood money – don’t take it

Anonymous said...

Looks like you brought out the right wing wackos Rob.

I'm glad you are going to set the story straight.

Anonymous said...

This "old fashioned Democrat" must really be Doug Holmes. Whoever she is she certainly isn't a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

The UEA is a non-partisan organization. They support and give checks to both Republicans and Democrats.

Private Academy profiteers love to pretend that this is a partisan issue.

If that is true than Olene Walker must be a Liberal, and a union thug.

Anonymous said...

Olene was too cozy with a lot of the wrong people..that is why her own party gave her the boot.

Davis Didjeridu said...

Surprise, surprise. A lot of anonymous comments without sources i.e. news reports, court records, legal citations, FEC/State Election office reports) or facts to back up their trollish stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Her Party gave her the boot because they were pregidice against older women.

She was a better Governor than Leavitt, but she isn't a priesthood holder.

Now that's a fact!

Anonymous said...

No, Olene was not smart politically - when she first wanted to discuss education funding she met the minority first rather than meeting with her ... not a smart move politically.

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party screwed Olene.

Jesse said...

"Private Academy profiteers love to pretend that this is a partisan issue."

But isn't the Democratic Party of Utah doing just that as well? They're very proud to crow about how all of the Democrats in the Legislature voted against vouchers.