Thursday, April 12, 2007

BYU students organize protest and alternative commencement

BYU students are getting involved in political dialogue and expressing their opposition to the policies of Dick Cheney. This is healthy for BYU.
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Natalie said...

He looks like Mr Burns! On a segway!

And, while I did not agree with the original decision for Mr Cheney to speak at commencement, I think that the discussion and the respectful and intelligent way those opposed to the visit are voicing their dissent has been good for the university.

I am still proud to be an alumnus. And a season-ticket holder.

Richard Watson said...

Look for my article in the Davis County Clipper about Cheney's visit to BYU.
By the way, it looks like Cheney can ride more than one Scooter (other than Libby).
Laugh, it's a joke.