Monday, April 02, 2007



Section 1. [Power vested in Senate, House, People.]
(1) The legislative power of the State shall be vested in:
(a) A Senate and House of Representatives which shall be designated the Legislature of the State of Utah; and
(b) the people of the State of Utah as provided in Subsection (2).

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Homer said...

Kind of takes your breath away with it's refreshing populist attitude.

This is a good rebuttal to James Evensen's (Sunday Deseret News) patronizing finger-wagging against our grassroots challenges to the Legislature's voucher and Real stadium work this past session.

For sure, referendums are not a very efficient way to run a democracy, and yet, it sure is a nice check and a balance on the aristocratic leanings of the Legislature--and that is a bedrock principle of the Constitution.

With our busy lives, we have a tendency to defer to those who act like they know better, but if we are to retain our wonderful liberties we must stay in the game.

Power to the People!