Sunday, March 25, 2007


Michelle and I have just been called as teachers in the Bountiful Hill's Ward Primary.

The best experience I have ever had in any calling was teaching in the Primary, although I truly believe that it was the children who taught me.

The last time I was involved in the Primary I worked with a boy who was extremely disabled . I had to carry him to class, and we had to be careful that he didn't fall off his chair. His name was Andrew and his gift in this life is that he carries the light of love.

On Sunday, October 20, 2002 our Primary Children presented their annual program of song and scripture to the Winder Fifth Ward. My wife Michelle had just given birth to our second daughter Anna, so it became my great privilege to sit with Andrew during the program. I don't think I can explain how beautiful it was to be there with Andrew during the program, but it was one of those moments where I actually understood how the spirit of love can transcend any disability. After the program was over I gave the closing prayer.

For some reason Michelle had to stay at the ward house after the meeting so Abby and I decided to walk home in the warm sun. The neighborhood was painted in gold by the falling leaves of Fall, and I distinctly remember thinking, "this is a perfect day".

When I arrived home I noticed that there were 21 calls on our caller id. I looked at the phone numbers that belonged to my Uncle Bruce Miller, and to my 96 year old grandmother Dolores Graves. I dialed Bruce's number but he wasn't home, so I dialed grandmother's number. When she answered she said, Oh Robby its terrible". She then handed the phone to my Uncle Bruce who explained to me that my father Michael had passed away.

A day later I arrived home late, in the dark, during a rain storm to find my front yard filled with paper hearts that were taped to knives and placed into our lawn. Andrew's mother Athena, with the help of some Primary Children, had given me what I now know as, "a heart attack".

I don't know how I would have gotten through that difficult moment in time if I had not had such a overwhelming affirmation from the "spirit of love" that came from my Primary experience.

I am very grateful to know that I will once again have the opportunity to be a student, this time with the seven year old children of the Bountiful Hills Ward.


Emily said...


I too absolutely love primary. My favorite calling in primary is doing the primary music - it is so rewarding to hear the little voices singing about our Savior and his love for each of us.

Have fun!

Jeremy said...

Welcome to Primary! My wife and I have been teaching the 11 year old boys for the past 3 months. It is one of my favorite callings ever.