Thursday, March 22, 2007

Give Barberi the Job!

Rocky v. Hannity
Who other than Tom Barberi, "The Voice of Reason!", could handle both Sean Hannity and Mayor Rocky Anderson.

Tom is as independent as they get, and he can defiantly handle these two guys.

I say, "Give Barberi the job!


Richard Watson said...

And after the debate, KSL should give Barberi a talk-show. But then again, that would make KSL look "fair and balanced".

Tom Barberi said...

Thanks Richard. What I need is a campaign to "GIVE BARBERI A JOB". Know that I am trying my best to get the show back on somewhere. Any help in this area would make my wife and cat extremely happy!

I have no shame, call or write any stations or newspapers and support getting me off the couch and back on the radio. Thanks for your help.