Friday, October 06, 2006

Chris Cannon Defends Pedophilia?

First Congressman Cannon tells us that convicted felon Jack Abromoff is "a great guy!"

Now he is defending ex-Republican Congressman Mark Foley alleged pedophilia by laying the blame on the pages by calling them "precocious".

Chris just doesn't get it!

This attitude is especially alarming when his district, Utah's Third District, has more children in it than any other district in the Nation.

Can somebody explain to me how Cannon's attitude even comes close to our Utah Values?

Please, this is the straw that breaks the camel's back.


Tom Grover said...

Chris will be handily re-elected due to a healthy dose of gerry-mandering and Utah County's tendency towards a "culture of obedience". Deference to authority. If he's a Congressman, and a REPUBLICAN, he must be right.

Chris Cannon is an embarassment to Utah County and the rest of this great state.

Cliff said...

I've taken the liberty of posting the audio clip here so you don't have to listen to the whole thing, and we can go back anytime and relish in the nostalgia of good ole' fashion bigotry - Utah style - long after the scourge that is Chris Cannon is wiped of the map.

the general said...

Chris Cannon can't find his ass with both hands. If the people of the 3rd district elect him they should be booted out of the United States and form their own We like people who defend pedophiles and think buying the government is Ok. country. Maybe the people of the third district are being represented by someone who exactly represent their values. All these years that Mr boom boom has been in office he represents exactly how the good citizens of the 3rd district think. Have we been fooled all these years by people who think it is OK to strip the civil rights of citizens? Who think that bribery is OK for the leaders of the country? Who think that giving a free pass to lawbreakers is just fine? Tom maybe it is not the boom boom brother who is an embarassment to Utah but those who put him in office.

Emily For Utah Senate 28 said...

We need Christian Burridge now more than ever.

Psudo said...

Speaking as a Utah Republican, I disagree with the idea that Chris Cannon's relection is a sure thing. Even before this pedophilia issue arose, Republicans nationwide have been critical of of Cannon for his weak stance on illegal immigration.

I'm reading up on Jim Noorlander as a possible alternative candidate.

Lisa said...

After watching Burridge vs. Cannon yesterday on KUTV Channel 2 I am delighted to say that I am voting for Christian Burridge.

As someone who believes in voting for the best person I am thrilled to see that the democrats have finally brought in a candidate That any Utahn could feel good about voting for.