Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Update from The Big Red Whistle Stop Tour: "What do you stand for LaVar Christensen?"

I just received a call from Iron County with this update from The Big Red Whistle Stop Tour.

Rep. LaVar Christensen was explaining his positions to a group of Southern Utah University (SUU) College Republicans. (The following statements have been paraphrased) He explained that how the US needs Utah to stay Red because if you vote Democrat we will lose our nation. As he continued his rhetorical fear based Nancy Pelosi grandiloquence, a young lady from the audience who was later identified as a SUU college Republican stood up and asked Rep. Christensen what he stood for. LaVar answered her question by spewing the same fear- inducing, bigoted discourse he is becoming famous for throughout the state.

After his answer the young lady said, "you still haven't answered my question, or maybe you have." She than sat down, and a few moments later she left the meeting.

LaVar, anyone who believes that the Party is more important than the people running should have their heads examined. Check in the phone book, I'm sure you can find a good psychatrist somewhere.


Anonymous said...

That isn’t a correct factual representation of the facts, Rob. LaVarr’s speech was actually quite decent; it was the AG who gave the evil Nancy Pelosi speech. Lavarr actually did answer the girl’s question the first time, contrary to what you may have heard, then she replied by stating “you haven’t answer my question all you have done is tell me what’s you don’t like how about you tell me what you stand for.” (Not exact phrasing but very close) To which Lavarr took her step by step to what he believe in and what the differences are between him and his opponent. He did talk about the Republican and Democrats differences in the war on terror then he gave his usual Regan and Churchill quotes but other than that he pretty much left partisan politics out of his speech for a change. LaVarr was actually the candidate who used the least hyperbole, believe it or not, in his speech. LaVarr just happened to be the candidate speaking when Emily’s Student campaign director talked one of her friends in to asking a ridiculous question that had just been answered. If she would have asked it to the AG or Lt. Governor it would have been much more fitting.

Anonymous said...

Forgive the redundancy in the last post I.E. Factual representation of the facts.

Emily For Utah Senate 28 said...

Since my name came up in the post I absolutely have to respond.

Having not been there, I don't know what went down, but my campaign manager assures me that she *didn't ask* the girl, who is definitely a republican, to ask the question. My wonderful registered Liberterian student campaign manager knows *everybody* on campus, but she didn't ask this particular student to ask LaVar anything.

Now, I wasn't there and cannot clarify or report what was said - but my student volunteers who *did* attend tell me that they were all very partisan in their remarks and it was the same old "vote republican or else" rhetoric. Nothing wrong with that, because after all, it was a "rally" sponsored by the college republicans - they have the right to be partisan at their own event. And, whoever gave Rob this report was just telling the story from his / her own particular perspective.

One thing is for sure... I now wish I *had* been there so I could clear it up once and for all!

macaca - your old world monkey said...

Sounds like the GOP hitman is at it again, spreading forth the crap among good SUU students. I WAS at the SUU event, and I heard everything he said. Honesty is not a strong suit of Lavar's, but he is very good at spin like the late Lee Atwater, who right before he died of brain cancer went and apologized to all who he offened with his vile political spin. So Lavar, take a lesson from Atwater and start apologizing now, because with the amount of digusting lies you have spread you will need a year of death bed repentance.

Why is it that the republicans can't stand behind the vile they spew out? When they are confronted on it, they lie that they said it. Awfully incongruent, but a good reason for better mental health care.

Anonymous said...

you go Lavar - he is honest enough to tell like it is.

Anonymous said...

He is saying the opposite of what President Hinkley has told us.

HelloDashing said...

Honest? LaVar Christensen? I don't know if I can use those words in the same sentence. Ask him how honest he was about the reputation of Trish Beck (www.trishabeck.com) in her last run for her Utah legislative seat... and about the ugliness of that campaign. Nothing honest about it, nothing that even smells *close* to honest.