Friday, August 11, 2006

My Hero, Romney Oaks

Over the last week The Utah Amicus has had an overwhelming increase in readership due to a post by Davis County Chair, and House District 19 candidate, Richard Watson titled, "Society's Incivility".

When I first noticed this activity on my Site Meter my first assumption was that it was one person checking google in an attempt to discover more about this little league game, but that was not the case. Site Meter has a tool that allows the user to see the IP address and location of the google request. I was amazed to discover that these requests were coming from all around the country, all from different interested people.

Today I received the article posted below from Richard. KUTV ran the story, Little League Championship Draws Big Controversy last night. Both stories have polls that ask these two questions, should the best player hit, or should they walk the best player and pitch to Romney. As of today the KUTV Poll states that 35% of those participating believe that the best player should hit. The poll states that 63% of those participating believe just the opposite.

All I know is that those who have tried to turn this into Democrat vs. Republican battle are missing the point. This story is about a brave little boy who tried his best, which in my eyes makes him a hero, and the big winner in this game called life.

Kudos to you Romney, you have been named the Best of the Best for the month of August on The Utah Amicus which means to me my friend, that you have hit a real home run.

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JM Bell said...

Solid message, Rob.