Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Clinton Heritage Day Parade: Thank You!

The Clinton Heritage Day Parade was a wonderful experience. Unfortunately I don't have any photos from the actual parade, but I do have some great memories due to the kindness of Ed Kenely Ford, and future missionary Addam Tremea.

The vehicle I was going to use was sold the day before and the buyer did not want to wait (if you had seen car you would know why). However, Randy at Ed Kenely Ford (1888 North Main Street in Layton, Utah) took my call and allowed me to use the beautiful Mustang you see above.

My second dilemma occurred when my driver could not show up. Life happens and there is not much one can do when these situations occur except to solve the problem, and to understand that small miracles do happen. Maybe I shouldn't consider Addam Tremea a small miracle since he saved the day by agreeing to be my driver. Addam's plans are to go to the DATC Auto Mechanic program , as well as serve a LDS mission in the near future.

Pete Ashdown

As we drove along the parade route I could not help but notice how happy and serene the citizen's of Clinton seemed to be as they enjoyed the Creamies provided to them by the Pete Ashdown campaign. It was fun watching the results of Pete's generosity once I realized how important those Creamies were to the residents of Clinton on that hot Saturday morning.

Steve Olsen

Steve Olsen was also making a difference for the citizen's of Clinton as well as the participants in the parade as he shoveled up the crap left by the horses who care not where they poop. I laughed as I thought of Steve in Washington DC doing the same thing, cleaning up the crap left by those who care not where, or who, they crap on.

Chris Martinez

Chris and Arcy Martinez are simply great people. My daughters Anna and Abby were very upset when Arcy was not in our vehicle during the Farmington Parade after becoming friends in the Layton Parade.

Chris and Arcy have been great in making sure that I have had a spot in most of the parades, as well as making sure that "wrong way Miller" arrives on time, and most importantly, at the right place. Chris truly is a asset to our community, and this fact becomes even more obvious by the cheers he recieves in every parade, every five seconds. Chris will make a wonderful commissioner and truly is "a man you can trust". Arcy is "a woman you can trust", just ask Abby and Anna Miller who only want to be in parades that Arcy attends.

I am very grateful for having been involved in the Clinton Heritage Day Parade, and for the lessons learned by situation and observation. Mayor L. Mitch Adams should be very proud of his community that worked together in prep that truly seems to understands that we are each other's keeper.

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