Monday, June 19, 2006

Who is this young man, and why should you be worried?

And, what addiction does his mother suffer from that he's not telling you about?

Watch for "The Real Story" on The Utah Amicus!


Steve said...

That's Colt Smith from Washington County. However, I don't know the answer to the other questions.

Bob said...

I was very impressed with Colt when he was running against you last year.

I actually have to admit that I voted for him on the first ballot.

I voted for you on ballot #2.


Anonymous said...

His mother must suffer from I must dress by grown son syndrome. Colt, drop the black suit, white shirt, dark tie thing and show some uniqueness. You will never stand out in a crowd, especially in this state, dressed like that. Worse yet you could be mistaken as a Republican!

Rob said...

You're not the only one Bob.

Colt said...

I should point out I dress my self and the suit was navy, the shirt was a light green with a navy and light blue pin stripe, and the tie was navy with lavender and green pattern on it. I was also wearing a pair of great looking cowboy boots. I have tone down my wardrobe for the election I have a big collection of sports coats ranging from bright Yellow double brested to pink. It is good to know though that fashion is still the most important issue in an election. Which is why I am voting for Mr Mac for governor(sarcastic tone there)

Anonymous said...

Yea!!! Thank you for taking a ribbing and giving as good as you got! Maybe a picture isn't worth a thousand words on this case. Good choice on the boots because you have to plod through some serious s*** in the political arena.