Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Vote RM


Anonymous said...

It is about time the political scene got someone with your open mindedness and ambitions to better the future of Utah residence. Anyone not familiar with you and your political representations should look more closely and find out, your ideas are refreshing, it gives me hope for the future.

Rob said...

Thank you.

Is that you Mom?

Really, I appreciate your vote of confidence.

Anonymous said...

I would say good things about you but I have known you for too long. I will say that you do have refreshing ideas and will work for the betterment of Davis County residents and Utahans in general. The status quo of the other party has to be put to an end. They have been in power so long that they think they can do no wrong and everything that they espouse is the true word in government no matter what the population thinks. Keep repeating your fresh ideas, keep fighting for the rights of all citizens in Utah. Remember the others can ESAD Rah Rah Rah win win win