Thursday, June 22, 2006

There they go again! Read Rolly's, "Myst Be The Hairdo"

"Myst Be The Hairdo"
by Paul Rolly

During a "Meet the Candidates" event at the Mount Olympus Senior Citizens Center in the Murray-Holladay area, Republican Salt Lake County Assessor Lee Gardner said his Democratic opponent Josie Valdez was a nice person and very enthusiastic, but he asked the audience to look past the "fluff" and see what qualifications she brings.

Valdez asked what he meant by fluff. "Could it be my degree in business and economics? Could it be my certificate in International Business? Could it be that I was named manager of the year by the Federal Executives Association? Could it be that I was named one of 30 "Women to Watch" by Utah Business Magazine? Could it be that I was named a Woman of Distinction by the YWCA? Could it be that I managed a $97 million budget while serving as assistant director at the SBA?"

Or could it be that she is a woman?

Paul Rolly

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