Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Syracuse City Heritage Days 2006

I had a great time spending last Saturday at the Syracuse Heritage Days celebration with Democratic candidates, Pete Ashdown (US Senate), Steve Olsen (First Congressional District), Chris Martinez (Davis County Commission ~ Seat B), Anita Mortimer (Senate District 21), and Richard Watson (House District 19), as well as many Democratic volunteers.

Chris Martinez and I rode in a convertible PT Cruiser courtesy of Ron Brooks from Cutrubus Motors Chrysler Jeep. I enjoyed throwing candy to (at) the kids (both big and small), but I was jealous of Pete and Steve who handed out my favorite summer treat, Banana Creamies.

After the parade we went to our booth and set up campaign materials, and then took turns speaking with Syracuse residents including Syracuse Mayor, Fred Panucci.

I enjoyed looking at the classic cars with Pete (His favorite was the 56' Thunderbird, mine was an old rusted Model T). I also enjoyed my cotton candy flavored snow cone. But, the most fun I had was meeting and throwing candy at the good citizens of Syracuse, Utah. It was definitely worth the sunburn, and the smiles that I received from both the big and little kids of Syracuse, made my day.
Chris and 'Arcy Martinez

"Yea Candy!"

"Yea Democrats!"

The Davis County Democrats Booth (notice the real cool hats!)

Richard Watson, Pete Ashdown (Wearing Bob Van Velkinburgh's hat), Steve Olsen, and Rob Miller

Pete's favorite!

And mine!

Pete Ashdown with Mayor Panucci

The End
(don't let the glare get cha')


twclay said...

Great pictures.

I do not believe Mr. Miller has a chance to win (and being a Republican Precinct Chair, I'm not allowed to say otherwise :)

Given that, I commend him on his use of the Democrat logo on his signs. Here in Davis County, Democrats seem reluctant to put the Donkey on thier signs. Probably the same in Utah County. In Salt Lake County, it's just the opposite - Republicans don't put the Elephant on thier signe.

Be proud of the party that you belong to. Not putting party affiliation on your signs makes you look ashamed or frightened of your associations.

Good luck to Mr. Miller.

Anonymous said...

No more banana creamies dude!

Anonymous said...

You may be a Republican Precinct Chair but you can't spell: their is spelled their and not thier. Further proof of the plight of public education in Utah.

Rob said...

I guarentee that anyone who blogs or comments on blogs will make gramatical errors, sooner than later.

It's no biggy.

I agree twclay, I'm proud to be a Utah Democrat! My Democratic association has truly enhanced my life. As for the Donkey, it was never an issue, the donkey has always been on the sign.

I do have to admit that after seeing Steve Olsen's donkey, I was bummed that he has a better Ass than me, but that's life.

Rob said...


bill hansen the other good county "Weber" said...

It just goes to show you.. Rob is a man with dignity. He respects every person. He's the kind that will draw good Republican votes.
He makes us regular democrats proud!!!!


Love the picture of the little girl. The thought struck me that she may be waving goodbye to her civil rights even though she doesn't know it. Things like free speech, freedom of the press, you know small things that the Republican lawmakers think we don't deserve anymore.Not that I am in favor of flag burning, but why should everyone in the world be able to do it but citizens of the United States? Yes, a law to protect the flag of the United States from the citizens of the United States. That is super smart considering other things that could be debated in D.C. If the Lawmakers(?) were in their right minds instead of their right minds may this country could accomplish something of value for a change rather than worring about what the New York Times prints.. Do the Republicans in D.C. have something more to fear that they don't want us to find out? Is that why they fear the free press? Maybe they fear the free anything. The less informed the people are the easier it is to lead them down the path of unquestioning obedience. THINK ABOUT IT.

john marlor said...

Dear Rob "Big Mama" has a better ass than you do!