Wednesday, June 14, 2006

No Borgs or Cancer in District Three

District Three Congressional Candidate, Christian Burridge has two great posts on his his blog, Christian Burridge for Congress. Check them out by clicking below.

Top Ten Reasons Utah County Democrats and Independants will not be "Assimilated"

The Real Cancer on Society


Anonymous said...

Were not the Borg ships square? Does Joe really think "resistance is futile"? Does Joe really think? Does Joe think that the people of the 3rd District are going to put up with his bullshit any longer? Does Joe think that he can disreguard the wishes of the people of the 3rd District and have things his way public be damned? Time to get rid of that mouth peice of interolance and I'll do what I want attitude.

god's lilltle brother ted said...

Joe, or Chris?

Maybe it does not matter because they are the same. Maybe they are BORG!

Anonymous said...

lil bro, both of them!!! Many of them do live in Utah county. Have faith there may actually be people who think for themselves in the 3rd District...we can only hope.

Bang Man said...

The Borg, Boom, Boom brothers!