Monday, June 19, 2006

Abby's First Dance Recital

As referred to in my "Utah Boys State, 2006" post, my oldest daughter Abigail appeared in her first dance recital titled, Seasons of Poetry. Abby's group of four and five year old girls danced, and performed the part of "Lady Hollyhocks".

The Clytie Adams School of Ballet is known for their professional presentations, with this performance being absolutely above par. The music was beautifully performed by the New American Philharmonic, but it was the melding of music and dance that made this event worth watching every minute, even after Abby had made her debut.

I don't know how to explain the emotions I experienced as I watched Abby in her first dance performance, but it was one of those beautiful, timeless moments, that will stay with this observer, forever.

Here's to the Clytie Adams School of Ballet, located in Kaysville Utah! You can consider your school Highly Recommended, by The Utah Amicus!


john marlor said...

Enjoy every minute that you have with your children for you never know when they will be gone. Hold them close and hug them often. Remember the funny things they say because you will still laugh about them long after they have moved on. It is a great way to humble them later on in life when they are uppity.

Former Centerville Citizen said...

Hey Rob-

I saw you sitting on the front row in the auditorium of the Centerville Branch Library during the debate tonight, but I had to leave early to get somewhere else, or else I would have stayed to introduce myself.

Anonymous said...

Rob, I think you have a great blog.

I think post like this one are your most important.