Friday, May 26, 2006


Utah Democratic Party, Democratic State House and Senate Members and Democratic Candidates Respond To Failed, Arrogant and Irresponsible Leadership in Utah's Legislature.

Wednesday's special session of the legislature would have had a different outcome on at least one important issue if Democrats had been in the majority.

The Democrats listed below pledge that they would have appropriated a full restoration of funds needed to restore dental benefits to blind, aged and disabled Utahns who cannot otherwise afford such care.

It is frustrating to know that in this time of plenty, when the state of Utah had surpluses in excess of $1 billion that we won’t take care of the neediest in our community. The Republican Legislature's failure to vote on basic health care for the poorest among us sorely disappointed the citizens of Utah. Providing the extra Medicaid funds is the right and moral thing to do.

Governor Huntsman did the right thing by putting the item on the special session Call and was able to find the funds within the current Health Department budget. But on party line votes — Republicans opposing the spending, Democrats for it — the $2 million bill was defeated without even letting it be voted on the floor of either chamber.

The Republican infighting was about politics, not serving the interest of our people. We need legislators who stand up for Utah and not their own political interests. Not only was their action a failure on humanitarian grounds, it was a return to backroom deal-making and the lack of courage to allow a floor debate.

The idea that the legislators’ failure to vote helps them avoids criticism for a "no" vote is misguided. We know who is responsible. The absence of a vote is a "no" vote because it has the same effect.

The failed Republican leadership in the Legislature revealed a party at odds with our Governor and with the majority of Utah's citizens. Infighting and power struggles resulted in arrogance and a lack of character to do the right thing. Hiding behind Committee votes without the transparency of a rightful floor debate and a full disclosure of the vote is an act of cowardice. This failure to Stand for Something demonstrates that GOP leadership has lost touch with shared values and common decency of Utah citizens. It serves clear notice that Utah needs change, or the future will only bring more of the same.

The election of Democratic Party candidates this November is an opportunity to assure that the values and morals of our state and its citizens will honored and that the elderly and less fortunate will not be minimized in such an insensitive and mean spirited manner. The fine people of our state deserve better than to be embarrassed by a lack of courage and leadership. The Utah legislature needs change in the upcoming election. Without change, we will only get more of the same. The choice is clear. Utah deserves better.

Senators and Senate Candidates by District

Fife, Fred
2 McCoy, Scott
3 Davis, Gene
4 Jones, Patricia W.
5 Mayne, Ed
7 Romero, Ross I.
9 Beck, Trisha S.
11 Ford, Adam Douglas
12 Goodfellow, Brent H.
15 Newby, Bethanie
17 Douglas, Arthur L.
21 Mortimer, Anita
22 Rowland, Dave
24 Foutz, Don
26 Uresk, Roland
27 Dmitrich, Mike
28 Hollingshead, Emily Bingham

Representatives and House Candidates by District

1 Fridal, Roger G.
3 Howell, Stuart W.
4 Lundberg, Sara
5 Marychild, Suzanne
6 Jones, Rick F.
8 Alvord, Trenet
8 Frandsen, Matt
9 Hansen, Neil A.
10 Shurtliff, LaWanna "Lou"
11 Wood, Jason J.
12 Swan, Kay T.
14 Abel, Laurence Elliott
15 Butters, Amy Baker
16 Wilcox , Karen
17 Sadler, Robert (Bob)
18 Mortimer, George A.
19 Watson, Richard J.
20 Holbrook, Beth
21 Gowans, James R. (Jim)
22 Duckworth, Carl William
23 Seelig, Jen
24 Becker, Ralph
25 Ewing, Josh
25 Johnson, Christine "Chris"
26 Litvack, David
27 Rice-Macfarland, Elizabeth Ann
28 McGee, Roz
29 Fisher, Janice,
30 Biskupski, Jackie
31 Wiley, Larry Bruce
32 Lee, Michael
33 Hendrickson, Neal B.
34 Tomassian, Philip
35 Wheatley, Mark A.
36 Riesen, Phil
37 Moss, Carol Spackman
38 McDowell, Chuck
39 Hammond, Mary K.
40 Hemingway, Lynn
42 Springer, Norman L.
44 Cosgrove, Tim M.
45 Black, Laura
46 Morgan, Karen W.
47 Bickmore, Steven T.
48 Gustafson, Eric G.
49 Seegmiller, F. Jay
51 Johnson, Lisa M.
52 Spencer, Ian C.
53 Bonham, Laura
54 Drew, Daniel
60 Lalone, Edward L.
68 Christison, Kim
69 King, Brad
71 Smith, Colt
72 Daniel, Lawrence
75 Miller, Don L.

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