Thursday, May 25, 2006

Two Letters

May 24, 2006

Dear Rob Miller,

As the Democratic candidate for County Commissioner, Seat A, I thought you might be interested in this article by Tom Busselberg printed in the Davis County Clipper. There may be some issues of concern here. One is that if the Republicans are governing so well in Davis County why do things look so bad. You might want to contact Sharon Anderson of the Family Connection Center and find out what her suggestions would be to help solve this child abuse and poverty problem in Davis County.


Bob Van Velkinburgh

Dear Bob,

Child abuse and poverty is a very real issue that we should all be concerned with. I will do as you have asked and call Sharon Anderson and ask for her suggestions, but that will just be a beginning.

After yesterday's special session of the Utah State Legislature it has become obvious that our elderly, our disabled, and those stricken by poverty have no voice in partisan Utah. It is indeed a very sad day when 15 million dollars for a parking lot for lobbyists is more important than 2 million dollars for critical, emergency aid for dental and vision for 40,000 elderly and disabled Utah citizens. By killing Governor Jon Huntsman's reasonable request the republican majority legislature also threw away an additional 4.9 million in federal funds to assist with this program.

For years I have listened to conservative rhetoric about "freeloading parasites" who need welfare. It has become so prevalent in partisan Utah that those who truly need assistance are no longer considered worthy by the representatives, excuse me, the republican representatives we elect, and are demonized as something less than human. I am afraid that Utah is losing its empathy for those stricken by unfortunate circumstance, age, mental illness, and abuse. We are forgetting our Lord's desire for us to be "our brother's (and sister's) keeper. We are deciding to NOT "love one another". Human services and human decency is being eliminated.

On paper, finacially, Davis County looks prosperous, but in the end is that fiscal responsibility the key that will open the gates of heaven? I believe we can both be fiscally conservative, and be each other's keeper. Why does it need to be, one or the other. I believe we can do both, and I believe we can do it together.

With every best wish,

Rob Miller
Candidate for Davis County Commission, Seat A
Vice Chair, Utah Democratic Party

I have posted the Davis County Clipper article by Tom Busselburg that Bob mentioned below.


Tyler Farrer said...

I'm curious? Whom is supposed to have called our Poor "freeloading parasites"? You're quoting someone, I think. I'd like to know who?

Rob said...

"You did not come to this university to be a welfare recipient…You are not here to be a parasite or freeloader"

Amy Worthington

I don't believe that everyone is this way, but listen to so-called "conservative" talk radio and you will hear the same and much worse on a daily basis. I have personally heard that it is "immoral" to accept government welfare, that it is "a sin", and I have heard worse words used than "parasite", and "freeloader" when describing our poor and disabled citizens who need welfare.

I believe that welfare's purpose should be used to lift people up and away from the need for it, but for some, and for more and more everyday, it is becomming a reality of survival.

David said...
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david said...

Sounds like democrat Rob is more in-line with our governor than his own party.

Tyler Farrer said...

I think you have misattributed that quote. It was Ezra Taft Benson that Amy was quoting.

Rob said...

It was Ezra Taft Benson's quote in Amy's paper, and people like Amy have been using his quote to marginalize the Democratic value of caring for the poor for far too long. The fact remains that our poor and disenfranchised have been labled as "freeloaders" and "parasites", and even worse by GOP controlled think tanks and talk radio who care more about retaining power than serving the citizens who elect them. I can give you names, but my relatives and friends (people I love) might get upset with me.

Now lets stay on issue:

Yesterday was a failure in the legislature.

A failure by the majority party that seems to care more about parking than citizens who need real help.

A failure that proves that a one-party system does not work.

The future success of Utah means building a viable two-party system.

The future progress of Utah will come from people who can work together, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and so on. I have asked for your help, I have asked for your opinions on Davis County, but you have refused me.

I'm going to again ask you to help me understand what you believe are the relevant issues of Davis County and Utah. What are you scared of, that Democrats might actually care about Utah families as much as you do. or is it that a Democrat might be the better choice for Davis County. Come on Tyler, I don't care if you vote for me, but we can work together, its your choice.

Tyler Farrer said...

Let's see. You asked, Saturday, that I would call you and I haven't called yet. I guess that can be construed as a refusal. Or, the alternative explanation is that I haven't called. I'm busy doing things that regular people in this County do (i.e. Work, family, and community activities.) I would hope you'd understand that.

Now, regarding what I do care about, I am a blogger. I write about things that concern me. If you want to know my views, then please read my blog. Respecting that you are busy too, I'll summarize some of them below.

In regards to this post, I believe that government does welfare poorly but; individuals, churches, and charities excel at it. I do believe in helping others whether they seem deserving or not. I read Amy Worthingtons paper and I don't think she tried marginalized anyone.

I don't like to speak in vague terms about those with whom I disagree. I like to give names, cite sources, and engage in honest open discourse. I suppose some may be angry with me for speaking up. But if a person enters public life they should expect to hear their name mentioned. I use my own name. I expect good and ill to be spoken of me too.

John Marlor said...

Dear Tyler,

Your combative attitude is not in harmony of cooperation. I don't don't know why Miller is taking it easy on you, especially since you are the guy who tried to "marginalize" the poll that Miller won. If Miller had lost you would have never opened your mouth.

Do you actually believe that the Mormon Church and other religious organizations should hand over the 6.9 million dollars that is not there for those who need vision and dental care? I'm not attacking the LDS Church; I'm impressed with their outreach, and aid in times of crisis. However, not being Mormon I don't want to feel beholden to a religious institution if for some reason I became disabled.

Stop pretending! You and I both know that most Republicans feel that people on welfare are "freeloaders and parasites". I still feel that way and as a recovering Republican I still struggle with it. Thank goodness for public figures like Miller who believe that it is better when people are taught to fish.

Stop rambling, stay on issue, and give Miller a chance. Its your loss if you don't, i also have been easy on you, ask around.

Tyler Farrer said...


"I don't don't know why Miller is taking it easy on you, especially since you are the guy who tried to "marginalize" the poll that Miller won."

Answer: I can't speak for Mr. Miller, but for my part I am glad that he accepted my apology regarding the matter. I think we all agree that the poll was inherently vunerable to manipulation. Ask yourself the question, why would I soil my own good name to admit to such a thing? Nobody knew but me what I had done.

"Do you actually believe that the Mormon Church and other religious organizations should hand over the 6.9 million dollars that is not there for those who need vision and dental care?"

Answer: I did not say the above, but I will say that I agree with you that " is better when people are taught to fish."

Rob said...

I did forgive Tyler, which means leave it be Marlor!

I do believe that I asked for your assistance in an earlier post, but no worries. If all I can get is your blog thoughts than there it is.

Thanks for taking the time to comment on The Utah Amicus.