Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Chairman Wayne!
Democratic State Chair, Wayne Holland Jr., took about three seconds today to celebrate his 48th birthday. Wayne's real birthday is actually tomorrow, Saturday May 7th. Wayne's last birthday occurred on the same day of last year's Jefferson Jackson Dinner, the day before he was elected as our state chair at the 2005 Democratic Convention. I sure hope that this year's present is as cool as last year's, but I bet it can't beat the present he received after last year's municipal elections, his marriage to Katie. Happy Birthday Wayne, and thanks for giving Marcie the big piece with all the frosting.

Todd Taylor And Craig AxfordMarcie Smith-West and Jeff Bell Travis Wood and Tiki Beard
The Birthday Boy!

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The Senate Site said...

Happy Birthday from us too, Wayne!

Best of luck in all of your endeavors this upcoming year. (Except, of course, that little endeavor on November 7th...).


Have a good one.