Friday, April 07, 2006

Ethan Millard
Creator and Author of SLCSPIN
April 2006 ~ Best of the Best

Some people say that Ethan Millard is a die-hard Republican. Others have said that he is a jilted Democrat. One person actually told me that Ethan Millard is really the most connected woman in Utah politics, a postulation that is one of the more reasonable misrepresentations I discovered when discussing the mystery man behind SLCSPIN. But if the truth must be known (and it must since Ethan Millard was named BEST KEEPER OF THE LOCAL BLOGOSPHERE by City Weekly for 2006), Ethan Millard is simply the creator and author of a political blog called SLCSPIN.

What isn't a mystery is that SLCSPIN has captured the imagination and attention of political junkies throughout Utah, as well as worldwide. Let me also add that it was SLCSPIN that inspired my decission to join the Blogosphere by creating The Utah Amicus.

I guess I haven't really done anything to dispel the mystery of who Ethan Millard is, except for the fact that I have scooped everyone by presenting to you the first photo of Ethan Millard on the Blogosphere, and that in itself is a honor I will always cherish, especially when I am named "Today's Jackass" on SLCSPIN.

Congratulations Ethan, you have been named the Best of the Best for April 2006 on the 101st posting of The Utah Amicus.

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Ethan Rocks!