Thursday, April 18, 2013

BREAKING: Robby Miller is a Utah Democrat and will not be running for Utah GOP Chair

Robby Miller is a Democrat and will not be running for GOP Chair, even if he is the most qualified potential candidate. 

"I love the people of Utah and I appreciate the delegates of both parties, but at this time is is obvious that Utah needs more Democrats elected, not Republicans. 

I appreciate my GOP friends, especially my friend who I will call Magnum P.I., who encouraged me to run because even as a Democrat he knew I would be a much better GOP Chair than James Evans. 

In two to four years I plan to return to service within the Utah Democratic Party -- my Party -- and I will once again run for a leadership position. Watch for more on this subject on The Utah Amicus Blog ( next week. 

My best to the candidates who are running. It isn't an easy job. 

I feel great about my decision except for one thing -- I would have loved debating the candidates -- especially Mr. Evans, but then I would be chair!"

More from the Robby Miller for GOP Chair Committee:

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thestarforum said...

You realize that even I would have voted you in over James Evans.